Won pvp Brawl, quest did not complete

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Won PvP brawl? what happened still saying 0/1 PvP Brawl Won?
I have the same problem, I posted it in the wrong forum but the same thing happened.


EDIT- The second brawl finally gave me credit.
Same here 30min que, to win and not get credit...
Same here
Same for me as well.
Same here
No credit. Submitted a ticket as well about 13hrs ago
same thing here
Same, just won my PVP brawl and it didn't give me credit.
won pvp brawl too did not received completion for the quest. i did it with my mage character nexandia around 7:16pm. got conquest but not quest
Tried it last night, tried it again tn, still not getting credit for quest.
I've done this brawl on 3 different characters now, winning the match but not actually getting credit, what a let down.
same, got 40 conquest, 2 green chests and a mark of honor, got done around 7:35 p.m. omn this toon. opened a bloody ticket
Same here, won twice so far, got all the conquest stuff but quest isn't complete
"Greetings, Thank you for contacting Customer Support regarding an issue with the "Something Different" quest to complete a PVP Brawl. Our developers are actively investigating this and working on a fix as soon as possible. Customer Support is unable to grant quest completion credit while they continue their investigation. Be advised any fix that is implemented may not be retroactive and will require another brawl to be completed to receive credit. In addition, please note the reward for this quest was changed to 5 Marks of Honor, 200 Honor, and a Steel Strongbox. A future client patch will update the incorrect reward display. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime. Your ticket was identified to be about the issue addressed above. If this is not the case, please respond so a Game Master can manually review it."

so keep doing it until it shows ya completed it. this is their tactic to keep players i guess?
lol, at this point not surprised
Same thing here. I completed the Shado-Pan Brawl after accepting the quest from the Adventure Guide and successfully won a match and got my Conquest. I did not however, get credit for the quest completion.
I got the quest to complete after the second win but it didn't reward me with a brawlers footlocker like the adventure guide said it would

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