[H]<Taco Island>Normal/Heroic|M/T 7-10:30

Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale

I'm Blightning from <Taco Island> and we're recruiting for casual Normal and Heroic Uldir. All classes welcome with a special interest in Warlocks and Death Knights.

We're currently 8/8 N and 5/8 H looking for more dps to help fill out our ranks.

We started as a group of friends who liked to play video games together, and with Legion we led a weekly PUG clearing Heroic Antorus weekly. Some of us stuck together as BFA released and we're looking to make a go of it in a more "put together" way, keeping our successes in guild and trying to form a core team.

Our leadership teams's raid experience is scattered but strong, with (while current) Heroic Lich King, Heroic Deathwing, and countless other TBC and vanilla content accomplished. We know what makes a raiding guild strong, and are looking for more members to join the fun.

As we're currently not looking to push Mythic raids, our numbers are capable of being flexible. That said, we have a current need Warlocks and other battle res classes.

Reach out to iswimfast#9528 on discord, iswimfast#1354 on Battle.net, or PM here if you'd like to chat about our guild.
Updated progress: 8/8N 3/8H
Updated progress: 5/8H

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