[H] Heroic Guild looking for more

<Make WoW Great Again> is looking to bolster our roster before heading into BfA. We are currently looking for anyone who wants to raid with the exception.

What we offer: A fun and friendly guild that doesn't take itself too seriously but still kills bosses up to and including Mythic difficulty. We joke, laugh and poke fun at each other all night as we kill bosses. We are very social and even when we're not playing the game we are always on discord talking about whatever random things that come up.

What we want: Its pretty simple, to have Fun. The point of a game is to have fun while you're playing and we do everything we can to make sure we are fostering a fun environment for our raiders.

What we expect: We expect all of our raid members to show up on time to our raids (we pull the first boss AT 11am, meaning we clear trash and get ready before hand) prepared with flasks, food, potions and knowledge of their spec. We know that not everyone is a veteran player and if you're not sure what you need to be doing we have no problem teaching you as long as you're willing to listen. One thing we're very proud of is the fact that we dont just recruit great players, we create them.

Progression: Once again we will be getting AotC on every tier and if the team allows for it pushing into Mythic. How far we go largely depends on what the team as a whole decides but Heroic will absolutely be on farm.

Raid Times Saturday and Sunday at 11am PST.

If interested drop me a line here or at my contact info below:
Discord: Quizz#8868
Bnet: Quizz#1428
Hi there.

I've just got back to the game after a 3 month hiatus while moving, and am keen to join you guys - your raid times are perfect for me :-)

I've main tanked, DPS'd, and Healed in all raids since Vanilla in Europe, and just moved 3 months ago to the USA. So - it's been re-starting on US servers, and leveling up again. I have only just dinged this demon hunter at 120, and am working on getting my hunter up next. Is there any specific class or role you most require atr the moment, so I can focus my efforts on developing that character for raiding?

I'll hit you up in game when I see you.

Real id:

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