Sum up Blizzard design in five words

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Really, you are having fun.
You having fun? We nerf!
Rule of Cool, nuff said.
lure them back with boats
Impossible to keep nerds happy.
Please not more world quests
We are waiting to see...
Wait. Trim. Polish. Sprinkles. Gate.
09/22/2018 02:04 PMPosted by Myracle
09/22/2018 02:02 PMPosted by Hellglaive

You want more horses, right?!!

Yup can never have enough!

I still remember Paladins getting Ashbringer, like 99.9% of Lights Hope Chapel was Ret Paladins. TB even did a video on it, the ending was gold.
Frantically does CPR on thread!
Repackaged, watered-down, vanilla features
They are past their prime.
Our first priority is Horde
bliz luv horde mmmmm ya
Paladin two shots raid boss.
Milking fan boys since Cataclysm.
my class can't pvp anymore
Ion doesn't know what's fun!
Wish Star-wars had endgame.

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