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10/01/2018 10:34 AMPosted by Durzpr
Is today another day for disappointment?

So far yea, but I think they are west coast and they always seem to respond more in the afternoon. So not giving up hope until a little later in the day.
Come on devs give the spriests some love
10/01/2018 11:16 AMPosted by Pawful
Come on devs give the spriests some love

This guy gets it ^_^.
bring back spectral guise!

I like the suggestion that a few people have made to shift spriest towards a “meter management” style of play with insanity. On that note, I’ll pointlessly spit some fodder into the wind:


  • eliminate voidform
  • Keep insanity, to stack from baseline of 0 up to a max of 100
  • keep void bolt / void explosion
  • All damage generates proportional-to-base insanity (except DoTs)
  • Insanity decays at a reasonable fixed rate, eg 5-10 stacks per sec or smthn
  • Haste stacks with insanity, e.g. 3:1 (3 haste for every 1 insanity) ratio
  • If you hit 100 insanity you enter Dispersion and instantly drain to 0 insanity


  • Mindbender & Auspicious Spirits reduce instead of increase insanity
  • Remove Lingering Insanity replace with Devouring Plague
  • Surrender to Madness: Refactor to delay the onset of Dispersion triggered @ 100 Insanity by 45 sec
  • Legacy of the Void: Refactor to increase the haste/insanity ratio to 4:1 but reduce the insanity decay
  • Dark Ascension refactor into a simple AoE blast on cooldown

imho something like this would create a more fluid playstyle where the spriest is trying to sustain high insanity in order to reap the benefits of higher haste. It involves a build but has more upfront power. It creates more situational flexibility around phases and pacing. Rather than try to get as crazy as possible (legion), or be pointlessly Bi-Polar (BFA) we’d be trying to walk a line between as-crazy-as-possible-while-still-in-control.
Saw this on the wow subreddit. So true.
So blue post for hunters, druids, shimmy, warriors and still no official response for us....
Shadow priest finally got a mention here
Oh dear god, a mention. This is groundbreaking. Finally lol. Like all we really wanted was like a changes are coming but please wait. Looks like finally got that.
10/01/2018 02:47 PMPosted by Aimou
Oh dear god, a mention. This is groundbreaking. Finally lol. Like all we really wanted was like a changes are coming but please wait. Looks like finally got that.
Its not much of a mention sadly. Its more a generic list of weaker classes with a thrown in (insert class here) comment suggesting they are looking at EVERYTHING, immediately followed by a disclaimer comment of "Not saying anything specifically is coming".

It is a mention but I would hardly consider it anything remotely specific to Shadow, but more a general statement that they are looking into class balance. Which, well, is not exactly a shocker now is it. They do that on a week to week basis, they just have failed horribly at it so far.
So this is what then, day 7 lol?
we need a feedback!
10/01/2018 02:27 PMPosted by Kamiri
Shadow priest finally got a mention here

Followed immediately by a "But nothing guaranteed!"
it's something? i guess?
Thats basically stating that some class MIGHT still have changes, they did put the worse offenders first then stated (insert your class here) which is never a nice thing.

What i don't get is that we arent actually asking for concrete changes to be spoiled or anything, we just want for them to actually say that the class is indeed in trouble in regards to its mechanics and they are looking into it, not being able to say even that in a statement that doesnt have a big MIGHT it's just concerning really.
Yeah, that blue-post mention doesn't really help.

And, as long as we're still making requests to the Void, I'd like Hex of Weakness back.
10/01/2018 07:24 PMPosted by Dinhya
Yeah, that blue-post mention doesn't really help.

And, as long as we're still making requests to the Void, I'd like Hex of Weakness back.

Shadowguard looked cooler!
I mean, the fact that the words "Shadow Priest" appeared in blue text anywhere on the Internet is a miracle at this point. Let's hope for some good changes on the PTR soon.
For Devs that might read this, copy pasting from my mmo-c post:

Shadow is balls deep into Voidform concept which pretty much only works in raids, and not anywhere else. Outdoor questing, PvP, heck even M+ feels like a heavy chore because they keep adding priority targets (Spawns of G'huun, orbs, enraged mobs etc) and give shadow priests almost no viable way to burst stuff down.

Most of the suggestions have already been covered, but here's my few mini bits (these are just suggestions, I'm not saying ALL need to be added):

Dot Interaction possibilities:
1. Mind consumption (1 second cast, 15 second cooldown): consumes up to 4 of your sw: pain and vampiric touches on any targets, and deals 70% of their total damage to the current target.

2. Mind Spike (30 second cooldown) - deals X damage. When cast on a target already affected by your sw pain and vampiric touch for the first time spreads them to all targets within 8 yards.

Cooldown possibilities:
1. Shadow crash - just make this baseline.

2. Psionic overflow (2 charges, 25 second recharge): For the next 15 seconds all damage you deal to the primary target is also applied at 60% to enemies within 10 yards.
(Think of this is a ranged blade flurry)

3. Mindbender - replaces shadow fiend. You summon a powerful beast from the void to cast void bolts at your primary target. Lasts 20 seconds, one minute cooldown. Critical strikes from your mind blast, flay and sear increases the duration of the Mindbender by 2 seconds up to a maximum of 40 seconds.

4. Apparition army (2 minute cooldown): For the next 30 seconds, your shadowy apparitions spawn at a 200% increased rate and deal 100% more damage. Each apparition increases the damage of the next by 15% up to a maximum of 400%

Raid utility:
1. Vampiric embrace made into a proper raid healing cooldown, with about half the efficiency of tranquility or other raidwide healing CDs. 6 minute cooldown. Spell critical strikes reduce cooldown of this spell by 0.5 seconds.

2. Mana battery - innervate on a second spec please. But make it more like a passive, similar to pally blessings.

1. Spriests should have Spectral Guise instead of Fade.

2. Dispersion is the least powerful of all the immunity cooldowns (bubble, aspect of the turtle, ice block) and it still keeps us at 0 damage. Either let us cast while it's up, or make dispersion an immunity.

3. Mobility as mentioned by many more: PW:S should be our go-to for speed boost but lackluster still.

Sorry if these suggestions were already covered in the previous 17+ pages. Lose the Voidform, and it's spells. My ideal spriest would have:

The DP + shadow orbs version was so close to being perfect. Would love that back with more than one way to consume orbs (single target dot, multi target dot spread, or a upkeep buff). Also, let us start fight at max orbs so we don't have to farm stuff before bosses/m+ for resource.

For example., At max shadow orbs your spells do the following:
a) Mind flay consumes all orbs and gives you a 20% haste buff that lasts for 40 seconds
b) DP in its old format (heal plus heavy dot)
c) Mind blast at max orbs consumes all orbs and increases the damage of your dots by X% to that target for 1 minute.

Sorry if all of this was too much.. just thinking out aloud for our void bretheren
There's really not much to add. All we can do is keep this bumped in the hopes that someone actually read it.

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