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War Mode and World PvP
09/25/2018 06:53 PMPosted by Cornstalker
09/24/2018 10:48 PMPosted by Chingasos

I as well fall under a different category, albeit a stinky one.

Sometimes I eat too much hay and develop a terrible case of bubble guts.
When this happens, I frantically search for Alliance to kill.
Their corpses make great fart pillows.

I'm a picky eater. I usually hang out in stealth then attack any tauren I see to make a nice juicy steak dinner! I'm if it's red it's dead; but out of all the hordies I only eat beef. The rest of my diet is ice cream.

Sabes que, you wont need ice cream, I'm sweet enough.

09/25/2018 07:04 PMPosted by Chingasos
Sabes que, you wont need ice cream, I'm sweet enough.


Lol RIP warrior. Def a bit creepy xD but if you're getting destroyed by a rogue might as well give them something to remember you by. But I think you underestimate my appetite for sweets... I will make sure your steak is grilled to perfection!
I'll admit it... I'm a care bear. I do have warmode turned on for the bonus, but I generally don't kill Horde that are just minding their own business. Just this morning I ran into a like-minded Horde player, who waited patiently for me to kill a named mob for a world quest, and when I finished, I left and let him have his turn.

On the other hand, I also don't whine and moan when someone does kill me. I know exactly what I signed up for.
09/24/2018 08:30 PMPosted by Cybillshade
if its red its dead, horde wont play fair so why should i?
Yesterday a 120 horde hero boomey tried genking me(from behind and at range nayurally) in a cave in drustvar while i was taking out a mob for a quest so naturally i had to bubble and hs. I fly back to the same cave and the same druid is there on 5% hp finishing off the mob. Genked him, loled at him and went on my way. It was so sweet. :)
If we are questing, which I am doing most of the time, I ignore all alliance player. However, if the alliance player attack me first, I will chase him down til the end of world to the best of my ability and get him into the fight til one of us is dead.

If they are out just minding their business questing, gathering etc, I leave them be.

If they are being an !@#$%^, killing flight masters, camping a low level, i'll camp them until they leave the area completely.

had an -*!@#$ type monk rounding up all the npc guys at one of our quest hubs today, not far from our main city there in BFA.

So I killed him, again and again and again, then run his butt up to the horde camp where he grabbed a FP and left.

He wasn't pvping, he was being a goon, killing quest npcs just to hinder people leveling, so he had it coming.
"If I think I can kill it, it's dead." Otherwise I won't attack unless attacked first. Policy has worked well so far.
Usually I live and let live. I've even been known to help an Alliance with a particularly difficult pull (being careful not to aoe.)

I understand ganking of opportunity. If someone gets the drop on me and bests me, I'll shake it off - unless they do it again. Then it's on.

The exceptions to all this.. if I'm working on my Call to Arms quest, red is dead.
I tend to leave anyone alone who's not 120 cause they're leveling and I don't like being a jerk. Some of the gy are on the wrong side of a mountain or whatever and can take forever to get back to your corpse. I don't want to make a lowbie go thru that crap just so they won't be punished with an xp nerf for not being in warmode.

On the other hand, if they hit me they put me in combat. If i can't mount they are delaying me from my objective and will die for the inconvenience they caused me.
I only kill lowbies if they annoy me in some way or they are in a guild I don't like.
09/24/2018 07:11 PMPosted by Whytee
This isn't about Warmode, this is about PvP in general, just answer the question or move along

Well, if you're in que'd pvp I don't care what level you are. I'll still pop CDs to kill you in 4 seconds to progress victory.

It's a little silly to say you aren't talking about warmode since que'd is the only other form of pvp that would fit this question and people will universally kill you because it progresses victory. "Don't go to mines, it's just a lvl 112 there, just let him have it. Don't be mean by killing the little guy" said nobody ever.

As far as the only form of pvp this can be referring to outside of a que, aka Wpvp (which is pretty much just referred to as warmode at this point since activating a flag is rare outside of WM)... I don't believe there's such a thing as "I'm just questing etc" of "I'm just a lvl 117!" when you wave a flag that says "I will fite anyone any day anytime idgaf how many of you there are or how big the level gap, lets do this!"

At that point it tends entirely on my mood and if the person is in my way or not. And whether or not they're a gnome or a dwarf because you gotta look out for the little guys. (what kind of monster ganks a gnome? They're adorable!)
DEATH TO ALL HORDE ... the end
I was become much more passive about this as my RP-PvP server aged. I got into conversations with people on PvP servers, and got to know some of the care-bears on my server and empathized with people who joined PvP servers for reasons that were not related to the rule-set (friend's, guilds, ignorance) and now felt stranded in it. Being conscious of that softened me.

Now that War Mode is an opt-in gameplay format, even if it has a minor buff that PvE players feel enticed by, I'm reverting back to open aggression. It's a welcome catharsis for me.

There are a few exceptions though. I won't attack anyone who I know will end in a long fight that I can't win (healers, blood DKs). It's not even about challenge, I'll take on a challenging fight for a warrior, like a ret paladin. I just don't want to fight someone for 10 minutes who I can't do enough damage to kill.
I just roll with my mood which switches between RED is dead and not attacking unless attacked first...
Sometimes I will ignore them as I don't want to interrupt my WQ/whatever it is I'm doing, sometimes I'm joining 40 man shards to go on a rampaging tour through Kul Tiras. Depends on how my day went
Druids are usually off limits , although this seems to have changed lately
Anyone Im capable of killing will die. even if i have to be sneaky about it.

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