Why do you play your faction?

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I started Ally with a Nelf in Vanilla, then went Horde. Saw the good in the "bad guys" and Alliance has pulled their share of evil crap, as well. So for a good few expacs I was Horde-only, and obviously, made my friends there.

Swapped servers away from friends for a relationship that turned sour during MoP, and never really made anything with myself in the Horde scene, then quit due to health/money issues for WoD and Legion. Was thinking about rejoining and transferring all toons back to my original server, but then found out that close friends played Alliance on the server I was already on, so I just rolled a new Ally and am slowly transferring my Horde toons over.

Honestly, the faction doesn't matter so long as friends are there, for me. Chances are whenever a new race is introduced I'll play it for the story, then quit it.
I got to play as High Elves in the Horde as I like to be pretty and their laughs are the most diabolic in the game. Also I like the color red it matches well in transmogs.
I was alliance from classic until cataclysm launch.

Then Goblins happened.
Initially Racial's, now because I'm mostly stuck here.
Family ties
I would be horde but my entire family are filthy alliance... aside from my sister
Several reasons:

Always loved playing Orcs in Warcraft I + II. The Horde already had a deep connection with me from the start. I like bad !@#, "intimidating" looking characters.

I relate more to the Horde story. The Alliance seem to be the oppressive force of the two, believing that they are on a moral high ground over the Horde. The Horde on the other hand believes the races are misunderstood and should seek peace or some form of unity. But since the Alliance still has sour grapes from the first war, it's an endless crusade to wipe out the "invaders." The Alliance have this smug, I'm better than thou, elitist, perceived "good guy" attitude. They are blind to their own flaws.

More than anything, undead is my favorite race, and they are Horde. The story of Lordaeron and it's fall is just epic, and the resilience of the undead from all they had to go through, and continue to go through, resonates in me. I kind of feel like the odds are always against me IRL, so naturally I am drawn to that archetype.

Player base? Always had better experiences on Horde. Seems a more mature crowd. Also seems (per capita) that alliance players like to play dirty and dishonorably, while Horde seems to fight with a little more honor. This is just my personal experience, I understand experiences vary in this game. Perhaps I am seeing it through the lenses of bias but nonetheless, it always seems to end up that way.

Alliance are constantly favored by Blizzard. Despite the fact that the new Horde is not evil like the old Horde of wc1-2, Blizzard constantly put Horde in an evil light or "questionable" status. Especially if it's only in comparison to the Alliance. The Alliance have done atrocious things since this game launched, yet are the perceived "good guys", it just bugs me because I see them for what they are. Lustful for control and dominance under the guise of acting like the victims. In other words, the Allies are very deceitful and imperialistic.

Anduin is an annoying brat. I don't want a leader who cries while mass ressing his army.
I play both. I normally main the horde toons but find myself on alliance more and more. I prefer Kul Taris.
I started playing back in vanilla, and the aesthetic of the undead really appealed to me. I'm a sucker for Halloween style themes and so I made an undead mage. My friends played alliance, so I made a human paladin. Alliance was great for the quintesential fantasy hero feel, but I much preferred the misunderstood ragtag band of outcasts feel. I switched to an undead rogue and eventually a death knight. I keep my ties to the undercity close, just feels like home at this point.

I love the architecture and themes of the modern alliance, and I still play my paladin to see their story, but I just feels weird. Especially when I PvP as alliance...
I play where my friends play. Weather it be horde or alliance. Currently there is only one guild that fits my raid times and its on alliance as well.
Been horde for 11 years. I tried playing alliance just to change it up but the devs have made it crystal clear that horde is the preferred faction. I'm back on horde now.

Might play more alliance when some major catch up mechanics get put in the game.
I originally wanted to play horde, so I rolled this character. Then I couldn't find my way out of undercity, so I logged off and made an Alliance character. That was more than 10 years ago.
I was bored of playing alliance for ~6 years and Anduin is as masculine as your generic anime male character.
better looking classes
Originally this warrior was a Blood Elf, but I switched to the Alliance because that's where my friends and family were. Nowadays they're the only thing that keep me playing, couldn't imagine having better people to play with
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Initially Racial's, now because I'm mostly stuck here.

Your guild name made me literally lol.
because sigmar wills it.
Escapism? I’m not gonna say I don’t think the Alliance cities are bad, because I do think they’re quite nice. Ironforge especially suits my taste. But it all seems too generic in a sense that it’s so similar to what I see every day irl. I find a lot more comfort in the Horde cities. While Stormwind is nicely divided into districts, Orgrimmar (spikes notwithstanding) being built into a canyon reminds me a lot of primitive humans building entire settlements into cliff faces and I think that’s cool as heck. Undercity also has (had) an awesome design imo with the rooms being built into the walls of a cylindrical chamber.

If you can’t tell, I chose Horde just because of the architecture. Despite what a lot of people say about mud huts, nothing beats sitting around in a flipping valley with a large open center that still manages to be populated.
I play both but favor Alliance slightly. My first Alli main was a Paladin because there is nothing I like more than putting to rest evil undead. My Hrode main shaman didnt have that same love on the Alli side.

Now I just seem to play whichever side has the best story more. In BfA, THe Alliance story and zones are amazing. I am having trouble "forcing" myself to play Horde as their zones simply are not as good.
Because Worgen are an Alliance only race.

I was Horde before Cata, but then rerolled to play the race I wanted. So I main Alliance, but have mostly Horde characters.
Alliance came off corrupt af in the first few years and the human rep buff turned me on to them. I didn’t make the leap until tier 5 though.

Now I sort of hate how they’re the perpetual good guys but I love Shadowmeld too much to change.

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