[H] <Magnitude> 6/8M recruiting

<Magnitude> is 5/8 Mythic Uldir (8/8H).

We have a strong, progression-focused core raid team, made up of experienced and dedicated players from a variety of backgrounds.

Our guild provides a friendly and welcoming home for players who are seeking to further their experience both in raids and dungeons whilst balancing real life obligations and guild commitments.

We're an adult guild that loves a bit of banter, but still wants to progress. We want to kill bosses but be chill about it without yelling at each other. We don't want toxic behaviour or drama.

We are also looking to strengthen our M+ community, and welcome friends and alts to our fun, casual raids.

Our progression raid days are: Wednesday - Thursday - Monday 7-10PM SVT
We raid socially on other days as well (for the alt-aholics).

All great players are encouraged to apply!

All classes and specs are welcome to apply for a position in our social raids, including newcomers and returnees.

If you feel that our guild may be well-suited to you, feel free to apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/etCIVYeEyJHmf5jo1 or message any of the officers or recruitment team in regards to being invited.

Elandrix (CeeDee#1730) - GM
Marlo (Marlo#11602) - Officer
Roflstab (Roflstab#1869) - Officer

5/8 Mythic - looking specifically for healers and ranged DPS!
Zul down!

6/8 Mythic now - still looking for an amazing healer or two!

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