Why is BFA boring?

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A month in and this game already feels boring. The Azerite armor system sucks(Cant actively work toward slots, cannot farm the traits you want, the azerite level requirements keep moving up). Can we all just agree to go back to Legion; where we had fun weapons and new systems that made this game feel like a new expansion launched instead of just a worse reskinned version of legion. Excuse the rant, I'm only frustrated because I love this game and I am trying really hard to enjoy this expantion.
There's no shiny tmog to unlock. How can I dress up my dollies without varied tmog!?
That's a personal question.

I'm not bored with it yet.

That'll happen eventually, just like it happens with every video game.
So alt out and/or set yourself more ingame goals if you're already bored!

Got your Brutosaur yet?

Farmed the new mounts/pets?

You may just be burnt out. Log out for a few days / weeks & come back feeling refreshed!
I think they over overrely on world quests and dungeons. Other alternatives to those are poorly developed imo (like island expeditions).
so ill ask you the same question i asked my guildmate the other day that said the same thing:
what have you been doing?
have you been raiding?
what is your progression?
how many characters are current content?
what are their item levels?
and most importantly, what is your mythic+ grind looking like?
because that is where the day to day, devoid of reset fun is. i think that people who are not having much fun are people who do not enjoy the mythic + concept or grind. that feature alone is like crack for me
I am not bored yet. But I am indifferent. I am really more 'meh' about this expansion so far.
The only real boring part for me so far, is Stormsong Valley. There's just SO many quest chains there, besides the main one! It honestly makes Drustvar feel like a breeze.

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