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So I was thinking today, about shamans.
Enhancement primarily channels Air magic.
Elemental is primarily Fire.
Restoration is primarily Water.
Where's the Earth Shaman?
WTB 4th spec - Earthwarder Shaman
Do it pls Blizz.
So we have a legit reason to use shields on a Shaman again other than aesthetic.


Also gives you a reason to bring Green Jesus back into the picture.
Seriously, that guy needs to stick around more.
Already made that suggestion many times

----------The Earth Warden----------

The Titans restored and the Burning Legion scattered. It is a glorious day for Azeroth, but a bronze dragon who just couldn't rest on her laurels had to go and address the Titans herself. Using a mage she recruited, the bronze dragon collected scales from all the major dragonflights and had the Titans bless them. Then she used them to re-empower the Dragon Aspects atop Wrymrest temple. Well, she re-empowered a few dragons, empowered a new one, and went and got herself chosen to become the Bronze Aspect of Time for a new era. Quite a feat for that little dragon, Chromie.

However, she wasn't done there. Finding a good candidate for each Aspect was relatively simply, except for one. But that little bronze dragon surprised everyone in summoning Thrall of Azeroth to the temple and doing what had never been done, turning an orc, a mortal, into not only a dragon, but the Black Dragon Aspect of Earth. The Titans' blessing was not limited to current dragons, and the other Aspects agreed that a new Earth-Warder would need to have the type of strength and will that Thrall had proven he possessed. With his assistance with the Dragon Soul and the elimination of Deathwing, Thrall had proven he had the bravery and strength to bear the burden of protecting Azeroth as a Dragon Aspect. Thrall accepted this blessing, and will serve as the protector of the earth for.

This blessing granted the essence of the Black Dragonflight to Thrall, transforming him into a great green and black dragon. With the Black Dragonflight scattered and fragmented, Thrall, while in his human form, returned to the Heart of Azeroth to look for heroic Shaman to take up the mantle of the Black Dragonflight and protect Azeroth as he has sworn to do.

And so the Earth Wardens were born, to serve as protectors of Azeroth and a renewed link to the Dragonflights.

Earth Warden - Shaman Tank
So thematically fitting, not sure why Blizz never went this route.
While I really like the idea of an "Earthwarder/Earth Warden" Shaman, the existing specs are in huge need of TLC as it is.

Adding a fourth into the mix amidst all the current balance issues -- not to mention the class's years-long performance battles and overall lack of representation -- doesn't seem (in my opinion) feasible.

That said, I'd love to see some expansion on this concept in case things change; Azeroth needs some more mail-wearers!

Blizzard already can't balance the tanks they already have. As it is, they're already robbing Peter to pay Paul, by taking things from existing tanks to give them to other tanks.

Also, Blizzard has gone from 1 tank class, to 3, to 4, to 5, to 6. And people STILL complain "there aren't enough tanks for pugs".

If you can't find a tank, a lack of tanking classes is not the issue.

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