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I felt the need to finally chime in on this subject...

I got my one main at 120. No others.

355/340/340 Azerite pieces (I don't raid above LFR really, just don't wanna commit the time, and barely even do Mythics). My Necklace is (as of today) Level 28. All 3 Azerite Armor Caches emissary rewards, since the change, have given me helmets, the one slot I do NOT need a 355 for (Champions of Azeroth). I can accept the whole idea of getting just a random item, but... when your progression, with a system designed to help mitigate the lacking scaling of Azerite Armor outside of raiding, proceed to give me literally zero upgrades over the last week or two since this went live. A system that has been specified in saying it reviews your whole item loot history... is very much seeming to ignore the fact I've owned a 355 Helmet since 09/07/18, and never looted over a 340 Shoulder or Chest to date.

Update: As today's Talanji's Expedition emissary had another Azerite Cache, let's try our... oh wait, another Helmet. 4 Azerite Gear Caches, 4 Helemts, when it is the ONLY 355 slot I have, with 340 in the Shoulder and Chest slots. If it's checking for what gear we have, it's doing a bad job, when it's the same slot every time. Also, all of these have been Zandalar-based helmets, none were Kul Tiran ones, as a small note.
Just gut the system already you guys are digging yourself into a bigger hole adding more traits smh
I am tired of getting the same level gear I already have equipped. I have seen no improvements particularly in trinkets and gloves.

Today I got these: 7th Legionnaire's Cuffs, however, they were not much of an upgrade compared to my older ones and I still have not gotten any better trinkets or gloves than the ones I have on.
So, it looks like we'll still have the issue with constantly getting gear we don't need, and having to scrap them. Why not stop giving us 320+ gear, when our Item level is 50+ Item levels above them?
Just reward us with whatever the scrapper would give us, or the option of gaining gold if we don't want the materials gained from scrapping.
It's gotten to be very annoying having gear fill up a bag or two, these bag slots should be open for trade mats, consumables, and trash we will vendor.

Also, just let us reforge stats on our gear, as this is the most logical way to balance our gear, and we won't have to carry all the pieces of armor everywhere we go. This azerite system is silly, and only goes to show how bad our talent tree system is, and is only another attempt to bandaid the problems with such a limited, and broken talent tree. Just put it all in a talent tree, all the traits and talents together, and get it over with all ready.

Most of us have paid you thousands of dollars over the last 14 years, and we'd like to get this all sorted out, even if it means you guys admit your mistakes over the years, and make a talent tree that works.
This Game is a waste of time until the second raid..... At least we can hope that this will be fun after the 14th or 15th hot fix for the patch with the next raid.

Could you guys give Resto Druid Tree of Life from that doesn't expire? I miss it and without it, I don't enjoy playing that spec.

Also could you guys buy out Activision?
Just remove the cancer, and start making games like you used to?
So... are we gonna see more Azerite availability or no? Still no word about this and 8.1's up on the PTR already.

This has been talked to hell and back, and while you're so adamant about not putting Azerite at the end of M+ chests (I don't know why and you've made 0 valid arguments as to why; it caps at 370 anyway), so where else are we going to see Azerite popping up?
So today I got an actual i370 Azerite Armor piece, now 3x on Snake Eyes (for my WQ/Mythics armor set)...!

I love it, but I am also afraid of what 8.1 will bring in regards to gutting Snake Eyes (if the PTR version makes it to live)...

Guess I need to start praying to RNJeses for some i370 Azerite Armor pieces with a different trait, and hope whatever I end up with is not gutted as well in the future...
Honestly the biggest Issue I have found with Azerite Armor is that You find yourself wearing more often than not the lower item level piece because you have to level up your heart of Azeroth more and more to unlock the same traits that you unlocked on the lower leveled item to make the armor piece useful outside of wearing it in WQ It is close to impossible to plan for Progression due to the limitation of this simple fact.

1.Mobs scale as your item level does while this is fine and great if you have a drop thats going to raise you item level in your bags or your bank that you cant use because you dont have 90+hours a week to grind your necklace the mobs are still scaled to that ilevel raise.

2.One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that wearing low level gear to take on raids in a ludicrously bad idea.

3. As long as this system is in place a player will find themselves spending more time trying to raise their necklace level to wear the armor than actually enjoying being able to wear the armor. This is what leads to burnout.
Maybe in the big patch after 8.1, a system to allow the switching out of traits for others, sort of like reforging, can be implemented. What do you all think?
Maybe in the big patch after 8.1, a system to allow the switching out of traits for others, sort of like reforging, can be implemented. What do you all think?
These changes did nothing to me. I still play with 3x 340 because I didn't drop 1 single item with Lava Shock trait farming 10+ Mythics, HC raid and all emissaries for last 3 weeks. Amazing system...
Now can we add weapons to this?
Too little too late. I’ll care when blizzard:

Brings back master loot

Restores raid drop rates to previous levels

Gets rid of titanforging
So, after the 5th Azerite Armor Cache to come along, Horde-side... I have now gotten 5 Helmets I have vendored (not even worth scrapping when crafting as a whole is pointless).

Azerite Pieces: 355 Helmet (CoA Exalted), 340 Shoulders (Dunecrawler), 340 Chest (Harpooner's Plate Cuirass)
Item Level: 356.50 (358.68 in-inventory, due to some other-spec items for Prot).

Azerite Armor Caches: 355 Helmets, left, right, and center: Dunecrawler (x2 now), Rezan's Bodyguard, and Bone-Fetished... 5 caches, all helmets, almost all Zandalari-themed (the first one was with the Honorbound, so was the Honorbound one), all NOT the slot I need an upgrade in.

Blizzard, you have an issue with this "fix". How is it possible with 21 possible items (3 per slot, per continent, plus 3 Honorbound/7th Legion), across 3 slots, to ONLY get 4 items, within 1 slot, across 5 pulls? The first one was on 10/08, so over the space of just shy of 2 weeks, I should be getting the same item slot drop? I'd go to look back in my item restoration history further (was 60 pages just to roll back 2 weeks), but it's not worth the time. Some filters for it might be nice (like even just by slot or item level).
Worst system/fix ever!! if you play with a class that has several specs, guess what: you're punished!!!
the system logs your loot separately according to the spec you selected at loot time, so if you moved from resto to feral to try to pick up some weapon, but instead dropped a hands, you screwed up! and will have to drop the same hands again as resto to fix your logs...
Was told to post this here by a GM but theres possibly a bug when it comes to the emissary cache rewards scaling correctly right now. An alt of mine is 348 and my girlfriends alt is 347 both bag ilvl so my character is ahead regardless and yet she is able to get 355's from the emissary and I'm only able to get 340's. Hopefully there will be some kind of check into this.
Make sure it is something that you can equip with your spec. I'm fairly certain that on my DK I'm 349 in my bags with int trinkets, so I can't get 355 cache; however, my ilvl is 345 equipped. I had a similar problem with my rogue, I had something in my bag that wasn't per spec but ilvl showed 367 in bags but 363. I then push my ilvl via champions of azeroth to 364, had to log out and back in and it switched to 370.

8.1 can't get here quick enough for my alts; but, I'm fairly certain this has bee the problem.
did these hotfixes ever go into effect I am still sitting at 365 equipped with a 355 reward and opened a ticket and was directed to this post by a gm FeelsBadMan
347 and 367 are the cutoffs I'm pretty sure at least thats when my warriors went from 340 to 355 but as far as equippable gear goes everything on my person or in my bag is agility on a rogue and gear specific.

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