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I cancelled my subscription last night. Letting my 3 months worth of wow token sub expire.

The pvp is trash in this system even though I hit 1703 rbgs. Today's q and a with Ion proves blizzard doesn't care and is refusing to address core issues, whether rewards from pve/pvp, pvp balance, the rng, or real fixes to azerite gear which is not getting fixed in 8.1 or in hotfixes.

Then there's no gear progression because I'm stuck between worthless rewards or having to put together too many people to form a team to win and push rating. I just can't keep retraining folks over and over. I'm burnt. Oh I got a 360 ilvl cape that could finally replace my 345 cape with socket, but oh wait, it's wrong secondary stats, I lose again.

I hate to say this but Blizzard is becoming more like Electronic Arts (EA) and it's beginning to show. I won't be playing classic either. Blizzard is not going to take my money any more than they already have.

Good luck to everyone else sticking it out. Hope you find joy and fun where I didn't find anyway. Maybe I'll be back when Ion finally gets around to fixing azerite and pvp balance but it looks like the leadership has no idea what they are doing, or don't care (probably latter).
I will probably unsub soon. There isn't really much to do at 120, especially for someone who can only play 2 or 3 days a week. I avoid raid content for that reason and the PvP system has always been a nightmare.

Warfronts are basically twice a month, and expeditions only give Azerite, since no one in pugs really knows how to get gear/mounts.

The only thing there is to do is grind world quests in hopes of getting rep to unlock mounts, transmogs, etc, things that will actually matter long run.

I would level and play alts, but nothing transfers over to alt chars (like rep/azerite) so you're better off sticking to one character (more like stuck).

Most of the resubs will likely fall off and the only people who will be left are those who login for the daily grind, the ones who'd be pissed if any changes were made to things they had to grind for (rep/Azerite), because they wouldn't be able to show off how much time they wasted.

I mainly resubbed to check out how the story progressed, but it just becomes even more unbelievably bad each time they add content.
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Kinda like as you get older and your wife develops cankles, so you avoid looking below her knees to keep the dream alive.

+1 to you good sir

10/03/2018 11:18 PMPosted by Proffit

Playing BfA is like shopping in a wal-mart that is still being built. I am trying to get in and get my things, I want to enjoy the experience, but around every corner is a guy swinging a hammer or drill. He's in my way, he's preventing me from reaching out and getting the product I want, and when I tell him I can't do what I came for, he tells me to go ahead and pay for what I wanted to get now, and that in 6 months I should be able to get it.

This is probably the most accurate analogy I have ever seen for BfA. Good job sir.
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It's not unusual. I've been watching these forums since the first year of the game and we go through cycles of this all the time.

Not generally 2 months into an expansion.

Yep, I too wanted to point out that this statement was factually incorrect. It feels like month 8 not month 2.
I wonder if the title of this thread was what was going on at Subway Corporate HQ when Jared was arrested...

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