[H] Dark Eclipse recruiting dps. 8/8H Tu/Th

We currently need a couple solid ranged dps.

Currently we raid 6:45 to 9:00 PST (server time), Tues/Thurs.

If any solid ranged dps might be interested please check out our wowprogress link for more info.


Thank you for anyone who's interested or just checked in to read this and have a great day!
Oh I see how it is... no love...

/looks at bubblewraps
Silly Kawaii, get some recruits!
Join his guild for cookies.
Beep Beep here comes the recruits.
Seems like few want to join. Recruiting is tough. So many solid guilds on hyjal. It's hard to get people sometimes.
Choo Choo time to wreck bosses.
Need help :(
shameless bump.... Need ranged deeps!
Kawaii loves to talk about how he respects people.
Need more ranged deeps!
Hi Kawaiidk,

I have a 367 boomkin and you guys might be a good fit for me. If you’d like, you can add me on discord and we can talk a little more - Snackbacon#9753
I'm still trying to talk with you, I don't always check this forum :(

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