[H] GMT+8 HC Raiding Guild on Barthilas

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<All Guns Blazing> is a newly formed GMT+8 Heroic focused Horde raiding guild.

Our raid days are Wednesday & Sunday from 19:30 till 22:30 GMT+8. This translates to 21:30 to 00:30 AEST. This is perfect for Singapore & Perth or late raiding East Coasters.

The guild is mostly Aussie with a couple Saffas and others thrown into the mix.

What you can expect:

  • A chilled out group of people who wont force you to play a class or spec you dont want to
  • An understanding that IRL comes before WoW and that its ok to miss raids sometimes or only be able to turn up for the first hour before you head out to a movie
  • People who have played the game long enough to understand that your ilvl right now doesnt mean anything
  • GM & Officers with over a decade in experience running guilds and raids
  • Zero Drama

What we are looking for:

  • Like minded people who want to raid, M+ and generally hang out and socialise with other people in your online timezone
  • A willingness to interact with and join in on guild activities - Guild chat and groups are not just another form of Trade Chat & LFR
  • Zero Drama

Casuals welcome. We know and understand that not everyone is a raider today and that todays casuals very often turn into tomorrows chart toppers. Just bring a social and interactive personality and you will fit right in.

Either message Sharký in game on Barthilas or Sharky#2786 on bnet
All classes and Specs welcome.
We are 8/8 N & 3/8 HC
Hi Guys!

I am currently a HORDE 374 BrM Monk looking for a mythic progressive raiding guild. My current guild is 8/8 H and 2/8 M but due to daylight savings they start raiding 8pm ST which unfortunately for me in Western Australia is 5pm.. its just to early so i've had to step back..

I'm looking for raids to start at least 9/930pm ST until 12/1am. the later the better for me.
I've linked my Armory below and if you are interested im happy to fill out a guild app! You can find me in game at Senastra#1658!


Thank you!!
No need to fill out a form mate, this isn't Centrelink :)

Our next Uldir run is Sunday, but we'll be doing some M+ in between. If you can't catch Sharky online please hit me up for an invite.
hey! would you be interested in a holy pally? :D
Very interested to hear from any Ranged DPS and a Main Tank.
There are definitely more homeless GMT+8ers out there.

Give me a shout ingame or on Bnet: sharky#2786
Current progression 5/8 HC.

Still interested in hearing from someone who wants a full time MT position and all DPS specs.

Still open.

Hey, you guys still recruiting ?
Still looking for more.

Interested in hearing from a Tank and a Shaman healer.

Now 6/8H and 1/8M

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