[H] <Hold My Brew> Casual Raiding/M+ Guild

Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
Greetings Quel'dorei and Sen'jin Players,

Are you a new player, casual player, or a busy mom/dad with a stressful, hectic life, and looking for a guild you can group with during your busy schedule? Are you looking for a guild that requires nothing of you, other than being a genuine good person, and having a desire to socialize with a bunch of like-minded individuals?

<Hold My Brew> is for you: We are a tight knit community looking to grow our ranks, and expand with anyone that has the gumption to log on and socialize with us. We want to emphasize we are not elitist, we do not pressure players, and we are not hardcore.

Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm to 10pm CST. We are a casual, introduction to raiding guild. We are willing to work with anyone, of any caliber, as long as they have the desire to learn. Yes, we want progression. No, raiding is not our jobs. Gems and enchants are required. Other than that, come have fun and kill stuff. :)

We run M+s consistently, and have a group of tanks as alts to help keep M+ groups flowing continuously.

Feel free to contact (or in-game mail) Sadewynn, Vandish, Jadëd, Lythos, Felshnak, Cowpatie, Chrue, or Spinebreaker in-game to get more information or apply.

Thanks for you time!
Welcome to all our new members! We're still recruiting, feel free to send us a message!
Still looking for members! Send in an app today
A big welcome to our new members!

We're still recruiting and looking to add to the family. We recently cleared 8/8 N and are currently 1/8H. Send one of us a message if you're interested in joining.
We are still recruiting! Our raid team is currently 5/8H and is currently looking for DPS toons.
Still recruiting if you're looking for a laid back, fun guild to clear !@#$ with!

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