Who else isn’t going to buy the V-ticket due to rewards?

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I preferred the """"""free goodies""""""" for the dumpster fire of a movie, and they weren't even that great.
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09/26/2018 03:50 PMPosted by Dharyise
There have been postings for new artists at Blizzard for Diablo specifically, but I don't think it will be D4. I think it will be a new expansion.

Strong possibility we will be seeing some remasters taking the stage. The remaster of the original starcraft is quite popular among those who loved it.

A remastered D2 would be unreal.

A remastered warcraft 3 would be godlike.

We will see, don’t think I’ll be getting my hopes up though.
The only reason I ever got the virtual ticket was for in-game goodies. This year I feel that the in-game goodies are not worth it, specially now at $10 extra, so no, no ticket for me.

Blizzard needs to pay attention really. If you want your WoW players to buy your overpriced ticket, just give us a MOUNT and/or PET. Not a stupid cloak. Hell, most of us really do not care nor like the Horde or Alliance aesthethic, no one wears H/A armor.
I'm personally not. I can catch all the highlights and panel summaries from the usual sources, and whatever Classic WoW footage I can salvage over in YouTube.
Then don't buy it. I agree that it's a waste of money. However, you dont need to attention !@#$% on the forums for upvotes
09/27/2018 06:50 AMPosted by Weavefister
Then don't buy it. I agree that it's a waste of money. However, you dont need to attention !@#$% on the forums for upvotes

Aren’t you just a peach
I've bought them all up until now. I usually buy the v-tix just for mounts or pets and rarely watched. WoW is an absolute train-wreck now, and the extra $10 they're trying to squeeze out of me for a ticket was the final straw.
I saw the in game items and laughed. I am saving my money this year.
09/26/2018 01:37 PMPosted by Lokath
I have been buying the Blizzcon virtual tickets for the past several years, maybe all of them.

The in game items aren’t the sole reason I’ve purchased the tickets, it’s cool to see the panels and reveals in real time.

However, I’m not at all impressed with the in game items this year, and will be getting all of the updates from MMO-champ and YouTube.

Anyone else feel the same way?

o/ Not upset about it. Blizzard has the right to offer whatever they see fit and charge whatever they see fit, and I have the right to decide that what they are offering is not worth what they are charging. So, no virtual ticket for me this year.
no mount or pet.. them i probably won't buy one and save to build my new pc
i could go without a cloak and banner
I wasn't going to buy it anyway. Never have. Too much for too little return. I don't care to watch blizzcon so it would be purely for the rewards and they charge too much for what you get in return.
I only bought last year's ticket because of the mount. I never tuned in to the virtual stuff for blizzcon even once. I'm happy they made the gifts garbage. I'm not really interested in blizzcon nor giving blizz MORE money.
I've always enjoyed the VT when i couldnt attend, but this one was to me looking very optional, mainly because i only play WoW in the blizzard world and there looks to be very little if any actual WoW content this time around.

WoW is not longer Blizz top dog, thats Overwatch, and there will be a lot more hype on other properties such as Diablo, so this is definitely not a WoW con like those of the past.

I generally have bought it anyway even though its easy enough to get the info in near real time, but this time around, i dont see anything that suggests it would be worth the time or dollars for me as the goodies are literally nothing im likely to use.

They should have left the ship in the goodie bag rather than transferring it to the 6 month sub package as a knee jerk freak out reaction.
Unfortunately... I may end up buying the v-ticket... I really want to go back to Dun Morogh as a Dwarf Hunter, just like the first time. I'm pretty sure the very limited beta will be Elwynn Forest for Alliance so I won't get to test out the exact same rosy colored glasses BUT it will give me an idea for whether or not I need to invest in WoW Classic plus the fam and I will get to check out the streaming bits for Blizzcon.
I bought the VC the day of the BlizzCon preshow before any rewards were announced. I enjoy the panels and watching the events at BlizzCon and I am glad that the coverage you get with the VC has grown magnitudes in the last few years. I am ok with the $10 price increase because of that reason and because it had been the same price since 2008 on DirectTV.

The in-game rewards have always come secondary to me so I am pleased with the cloaks which look pretty cool and the banners are a nice addition. The Vanilla demo is awesome and I near ejaculated on my phone when I saw that.

Overall the price of the VC is well worth it to me because hours upon hours of entertainment for the that cost is quite reasonable to me.
Eh already bought it.

I think its neat I get to play the classic wow demo as result. Hoping for a cool wow mount this year.
09/26/2018 01:42 PMPosted by Kaedìn
lets all head to the forums and yell because why not.

Why not?
It's every bit as entertaining without all of the RNG.
I've grown to hate Blizz as a company, so I was leaning towards not buying it, but the crap rewards sealed the deal.
09/27/2018 07:14 AMPosted by Lokath
09/27/2018 06:50 AMPosted by Weavefister
Then don't buy it. I agree that it's a waste of money. However, you dont need to attention !@#$% on the forums for upvotes

Aren’t you just a peach

More importantly, am I wrong?

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