Achievement Point Runners

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Looking for a group to do Achievement things pre-current expansion. There are several of the old things that require a second or third person due to mechanics. just looking for easygoing peeps to get those AP numbers up, give me a holler here or in game if interested.
I'm up for doing achievements, on the weekends only.

Do you have specific types of achievements that you want to focus on?
well basically all the pre-xpac stuff, I'm currently going through the raid stuff, which is mostly solo-able but not entirely. I've been having some trouble soloing the raid content from the last expansion especially. happy to help with anything anyone else is looking for as well. I've been on this server for like 14 years, so I've learned how to play well with others... generally.
That sounds good.

I'm usually on in the evenings, and have more time on Saturdays.

I won't post my btag on the forum, but feel free to join our guild group at

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