Disc/Holy Priest Looking For Casual Guild

Looking for new casual guild that raids 2 nights per week around 6:30 server time or after. I am on mostly during the week nights and not around most weekends. Thanks!
hi Deables. We are LF a heals for our 2nd team which runs Tue/Thur 7:30-10:30pm pacific or server time. Team has cleared normal 8/8 Uldir and working on heroic 1/8H. We have a solid social base and run lots of things (mythic+ keys, weeklies, etc, outside of raids). Please send me a tell or anyone in guild Karma Gaming when you get time.

You can add me --
honeybee#1337 or message ingame Heavensënt (alt+137). Thanks!
Bump. Really just looking for a laid back group than enjoys doing raids, mythics,pvp, etc. together. Pushing mythic raids is not a priority. Thanks!
Hey Deables, Paragons is currently recruiting raiders to fill our core group currently 3/8H, we are looking for all roles currently. Only thing we ask is to pull your own weight as we do not carry. Raid times are Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm server time (11pm-2am est) Please comment here or add me btag Ardraidi#1569 or discord Blake#9369 for any questions or for a trial run/inv to guild.
Hi Deables, <Battle Bunnies> is currently recruiting more players. I wouldn't classify us as casual but semi hardcore with a laid back south park style of humor. We raid 7:30PM-10:30PM Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We have 2 separate roles for raiders who want to be more casual vs our progression team. We welcome everyone to come raid with us barring they can keep up with normal/heroic progression. Were currently 8/8N and 4/8H not really pushing for mythic this tier. If you wanted to raid with us on a more casual basis your more then welcome we have a few members who already do that. :) Feel free to PM me in game on this toon or add me on discord at Lokajin#9360.
Hi Deables, read your post and Roll For Blame might be a good fit. We are a two night a week, Tuesday and Thursday, 8-11 pst, heroic guild currently 6/8h. we don’t just raid, and usually will have multiple m+ groups going. We are pretty close knit so expect to part of inside jokes and bad puns if you join. If you’re interested and want to talk more I can be reached at OmegaDonut#1784.
Hi Deables, it sounds like we might be a good fit for you. We have a very casual attitude, while still getting things done. We do raid 3 times a week starting at 6 pst, but we do not have a mandatory attendance policy. If you're curious, please check out our recruitment post here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769467437#post-1

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