Demonic Gateway 160: Hi, I'm new here

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Rip us I'll miss us again
rip in piece warlock ot thread you shall live on rip
its been a long day

without u my frens
Hey kids wanna buy some drugs
11/09/2018 09:48 PMPosted by Ohgodfleas
Hey kids wanna buy some drugs
I would like 2 large drugs and 1 medium drug, please. All with medium Diet Cokes.
explain why im having fun with mage

there are 3 buttons

why is this fun

So these forums are ripperoni tomorrow.

We have to start this over
Wait what?
the only reasonable response to that is to cap this thread tonight, because leaving an uncapped DG is a cardinal sin
Welp. Guess we got some posting to do.

But how do we know this is ripperoni? Is there a link or something?
tl;dr all existing threads will be locked as read only, everyone's post count will be reset, functionally starting the forums fresh with new stuff like the ability to imbed images with enough overall forum activity.
So who's going to make Demonic Gateway 160.2: Electric Boogaloo?
Yeah, seems like it was delayed or something. It could still rip any day now though.
Does this mean we can soon image !@#$post?
Trust Level 3 -> OT becomes an image board
11/13/2018 04:20 PMPosted by Aldeen
Trust Level 3 -> OT becomes an image board
Only half of us will have that privilege tho since the other half can't keep from getting banned
I wonder if that has a limit and isn't just "were you banned ever". I'd guess it'd be over that 100 day period, but given the privileges it gives it might be more strict.

I can't remember if there's a list anywhere, but I'd be really curious to compare that Trust Level requirements to MVP prereqs to see how close they are.
I was just editting stuff on the old guide thread and noticed that blockquotes tags started turning up in nested quotes. Has that always been a thing? Cause that seems like stuff that this update is meant to add.

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