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I have three 120's: Priest, Mage, and this hunter.

I've given up on leveling the rest for now. I'm not excited to do anything at 120 when I get there so what's the point. This guy has 260 gear for a reason.

Hopefully 8.1 brings some changes but I don't see much leveling happening until flying is released.
I have Warrior(PvE tank) and Hunter(PvE farming and general fun) @ 120/345 Ilvl and this Rogue (PvP toon) I'm currently leveling through quests.

I did quests for all so far because I want to collect mats and PvP along the way.

I will likely stop at 3 or maybe 4... I am looking at maybe rolling a Horde character for a 4th.
Four total 120s, counting this character.

Two leveled through quests and the others were expeditions, assuming XP isn't reduced for whatever reason all my future 110s will do expeditions (also good for Azerite) but unfortunately besides the fact I'm feeling a little burned out a month in, I recently picked up a job and do 6-8 hours a day so tl;dr less WoW.

ALSO, just finished Pathfinder so if I do have time to waste away that will make leveling a little easier.
I tried to spam islands to level... I passed out for a few hours and gave up went back to questing
Just one, on the alliance, I did the quest, was before the xp buff on the islands. Just level him to take the rep to unlock the dark iron dwarves and kul'tirans, have no interest to lvl up another.
Just two so far. This and an Arms Warrior. Leveled through quests first time, then PVP for the Warrior.
i have 5 because trying to get certain items basically requires more patience than god gave to goats attempting to traverse rocky terrain or requires you to send in the alt farm.

- arathi rare items
- polished pet charms
- mythic mount drops
I have a demon hunter at 120 on both alliance and horde. Quested all the way for both. Horde is my main but my Alliance character has a higher iLevel, better weapons, better gear in general.
1 main and 2 alts at 120. Have 2 others currently being worked on, but the desire to continue leveling them is draining quickly...

Given that I have 18 characters at 110 or above, me losing interest this quickly is not a good sign for my continued alt leveling... I do not mind the questing and having separate quests for both factions is decent, but getting to max level just seems anticlimactic this expansion.
8 all done by Questing
got 3 and ready for flight. sick of this walking garbage. i got more alts to level im just stalling
I have 3 so far, this guy, and two Dark Iron's, Warrior and Paladin. I have a few lined up at 112, but I'm not really feeling any more alts until I finish up my old world rep, mount and tmog stuff done.
3, mage(horde)- mage(ally) -priest
I've dabbled on some alts but can't see myself getting another to 120. not that the leveling was hard, just not my favorite thing to do.
Two other 120's and 2 more on the way.
I've had all 12 classes at 120 for.. a while now. There is NO cheap achv for doing that. /REEEEEEEEEE.
Drustvar to 116/117, Stormsong to 118/119, then fly through Tirisigard to 120.
None. That being said, I like leveling alts. But won't put much effort into it until the incursions arrive and we get flying.
Jeez, I read this thread and thought you were announcing that you had one hundred and twenty alts.

Was going to give you serious props, bud.
i have 3 toons at 120. this one, a warlock, and a hunter. warlock was entirely with questing with a friend. i did mostly questing with some dungeons and pvp on the hunter and pally.

i am slowly leveling a shaman with my wow bff. i think he's 112 now. i don't imagine he'll get leveled very quickly at all though.

undecided if i want to level again soon or just wait til flying.
2 120s this horde and an ally pally both 346 ilvl

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