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Moon Guard
<Posted around Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Dazar'alor, and Boralus, there were flyers marked with the sigil of a growing tree with roots sank deep into the ground on a backdrop of green.>

"Brothers, sisters, our world has once more fallen into chaos. The war between the Alliance and the Horde will ever be present, just as the tide rises and recedes, but there are darker evils at play--ones always wishing to play upon our division.

I call to you now, children of Azeroth.

The Briarstone Coalition is seeking more able-bodied men and women to join its ranks to quell the tides of darkness wherever they may rise. We need your help to defend and heal our world of her open wounds. Join us, and together we will quell corruption wherever it may spawn so that our world may live to see another dawn.

Seek us out through the neutral factions--either by word of Argent Crusade, Cenarion Circle, or Earthen Ring."


Briarstone is a heavy-RP neutral military guild focused on taking out the larger threats to Azeroth and her people.

We use a modified D-20 system with traits so that you're able to tweak and make your character the way that you believe they are meant to be portrayed in combat, and off of the field.

Hope to see you guys with us in the future!
Good people, I look forward to seeing where this goes.
Giving the good ole bump and showing support!

Denareb is an awesome person ICly and OOCly. I can attest that you will experience quality role play with this group!
We're already rolling, and it's great. Quality roleplay here, friendly members, interesting characters. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for Briarstone, and I'm glad to be a part of it.
Last night's event went well- we put a stop to a very decrepit witch who was devouring souls of the recently slain- and managed to save the spirits of the dead in the process. However, she and the spirits spoke of threats beyond what we saw that night.. of old evils, and Conquest.

We'll find out more about the situation this week.
Hey, good luck to you guys! Always love seeing new neutral guilds come along, maybe in the future we'll get to work together!
Thanks for the show of support guys. It really does mean a lot. <3
Last night we managed to stop some rather dangerous azerite smugglers. A little bit at a time, we're doing the world some good.

We're heading to Drustvar soon- something stirs in the twisted trees, and we're going to find out what we can do about it. If you're interested in joining our cause, reach out to us- we're around most evenings.
Well, we made it to Drustvar. Most of Briarstone got injured from wickermen, but they made it. Briarstone is temporarily located in Fallhaven, spreading their peaceful ways by force.

Fairly soon their fight will be taken straight to the covens.
it's super refreshing to see more neutral guilds on the scene, and Briarstone has provided my alt with fresh, engaging and intriguing stories - as well as having an awesome GM who has been an excellent friend to me for about a year now.

definitely check these guys out if you get the chance! they're real good folks, IC and OOC.

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