Which one?

Well, I'm getting ready to start leveling my 2nd toon, and I will probably be leveling as Arms. I still have enough wakening essence to buy myself a leggo from the 1k left in our mythic cache. Since you guys have already leveled what you would guys suggest? If you could only pick one leggo? KBW? Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles? Aggramar's Stride? Those were kind of the ones I was looking at most. What do you think?
For me I would probably just go with the braces, just for comfort reasons.
Consider leveling as prot. Arms is decent but you will find yourself pausing frequently after killing packs, might die quite a few times leveling as well post-legion because of the mob density in BFA.

Leveling as prot you can pull entire areas and aoe them down with little to no risk of dying.

If you go arms, use bracers though for sure.
I leveled fury to 120, made things easier and and was fun. Healing regen was great. Switched to arms a bit into 120 for maxium deeps.
Alright, thx for the advice, it sounds like bracers it is, they can also be used by all 3 specs. I figured it would be the wrist or the boots, both sound like good options.

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