Is RB still viable?

Demon Hunter
whats the new best trait for us now since they gutted it
literally unplayable. reroll before it's too late.
It's best for aoe

For single target PvE, Dagger in the Back I believe and Thristing in PvP
imma reroll soon, went from 1st dps to 4th... DH was fun.
i use it for pvp still
on target dummy with trinket, dark slash, nemesis, meta, 3x thirst, i was able to pull 70k crits. Idk about pvp yet but I'm pretty sure 1X RB and 2X laser is what you want for most pve content like raiding and m+. Still testing it out so don't take my word for it.

edit: Ok so assuming all your various pieces of AP were same ilvl:

For pure aoe you would maximize dps with 2x RB and one archive.

For pure ST, would maximize dps with 2x laser + 1 archive

For mixed content its hard to say. Ultimately though this varies for various people based on the ilvl of your traits because now that you can't just easily say, "oh 3x RB is pretty fool proof," your ilvl will be the biggest factor in what is and isn't good.
09/25/2018 11:50 PMPosted by Sokolat
imma reroll soon, went from 1st dps to 4th... DH was fun.

Stop. Revolving blades is still fine. You still want done archive, and 2 RB. Probably even a LM. My DPS dropped by about 500 with 3 traits. I still aim at 14k.
revolving blades, still

dagger in the back seems like maybe it's the better ST trait now, and thirsting blades might be good for pvp? but if you're ever in a cleave situation just keep RB

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