Classic WoW is going to kill BFA

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09/29/2018 07:15 AMPosted by Goodmage
When Classic WoW comes out. People will see how much better Classic WoW is than BFA and regular wow will die out.

I disagree completely.

BFA is going to kill BFA.
Lol. For about a week, or as long as it takes everyone to figure out what no QoL really means.
09/29/2018 11:10 AMPosted by Dvis
It's day and night compared to today's WoW

Disagree actually with this statement.
BfA has a really classic feel to it in terms of story, dungeons having too much trash etc. Plus based on the threads on this forum many specs are not viable which is very 'classic' feeling, adding long, meaningless grinds for things you want (wintersaber, BfA races) , as stated in the Azerite gear thread having to have multiple sets of gear (nature resist, fire resist, etc. in classic) ...

09/29/2018 11:09 AMPosted by Revlol
Hunters, you want that bow? Breh you need a solid raid group for that.

Thanks was over the PTSD of that ... why did that demon not have a head after I kited and killed it ???? why did the GM say 'sorry we can't spawn the head, wait the 7 hours for it to respawn and try again' . Thank you Mr. Paladin so glad you saw I was having issues killing this demon that I can only fight melee and decided to help out, watching him despawn the second you hit him when he had 20% health left makes me feel SOOO MUCH better.
I think the opposite. People are going to come to classic and realize it's to hard, come to the forums and complain demanding nerfs and I'm just going to sit back and laugh
I'll take vanilla class design over BfA crap. Never thought I'd ever say something like that.
They are making wow MORE like vanilla, that's why everyone hates it. I can't understand how people are so blinded by nostalgia that they can't see that.
I love Classic and plan to play. With that being said, this generation of WoW players cannot handle it. From the looks of today's WoW on the forums, if anything is broken, is slow, is not instant people go crazy.
09/29/2018 11:28 AMPosted by Córax
I'll take vanilla class design over BfA crap. Never thought I'd ever say something like that.

So you would rather have classes have specs that are broken to the point you can't play them ?
Multiple sets of gear that take forever to grind out ?
Too much trash in instances ?
Long , boring quest chains or rep grinds to get what you want ?

(which one am I talking about BfA or Classic ? )
09/29/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Dippsy
the fun of classic wow is the challenge. people are gonna stick with it cause it's super hard.
Played it,it wasn't hard just tedious. It had its moments but it isnt the second coming of Christ people make it out to be.
09/29/2018 07:17 AMPosted by Glumrot
If people can’t even handle the instant gratification wow of today I doubt they will like classic


So many of those posting like the OP never played it and so have no idea how grindy it was and how unrewarding much of the content was .. even with Blizzard using the last 'vanilla' build before BC (which is what I think they've said they'll be doing) there's so much time-wasting that these 'classic noobies' won't know what hit them.
It'll be a flame that burns very bright... til people reach end game and realize it's too hard.
09/29/2018 08:50 AMPosted by Metrohaha
I think its funny when people say that, because pretty much every complaint you see here is something that is just going to be way worse in classic.

Things like class balance and design, threat, leveling speeds, things taking too long, gear feeling random and unrewarding. Nothing to do?!

I can't really think of any major complaint with the modern game that people will find less problematic in classic.

That's why most of these decisions seem to have come to pass if you want my opinion. I'm convinced they are trying to make the two products resemble each other more and more for various reasons.

I suppose we will see at blizzcon though!

Either way I am very excited for the future of both classic and bfa.

people who makes this complains should stay in bfa. We have now a classic server that can't be ruined by people crying for qol. If you don't like it just go play bfa. The dev team can explore new things in new expansions and not Catter for people that want hand holding and free loot.
Hopeful maybe Live Servers can finally have Warcraft 2 races that should have been in this Expansion 9 Months Ago.
I already served my time back in 2004 2006 playing that WOW, have zero desire to repeat it.

Pally back then was

buff bot
judge seal judge seal judge


auto attack.

Do not miss that one little bit.

It was the best thing going in 2004, but QOL has improved past the limits and problems it had.

To much rose colored glasses.

Within a month or so most people will burn out and leave what they are calling classic.

Just like owning and driving a model T ford might be fun for a while, but as a daily driver, nope I just don't see it.
Never played Classic when it came out.

Gonna give it a try when it comes out.
but what about classic BC? or classic WOTLK? they have to roll those out of their grave to keep this dumpster fire going
09/29/2018 11:17 AMPosted by Fugubar
It will last 3 months. Players will hit 60, raid until they have all the gear they need, and then find have nothing else to do. Then, they'll come back to whatever the current expansion / patch is for some "new" content.

How is that different from what we have now?
BfA killed BfA, lets get that straight. People are quitting before Classic is even out.
Classic will be !@#$ and will pander to a few people

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