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Hey all,

Making a thread on this as it really needs some urgent attention, this bug causes so many issues it's ridiculous.

In pre-season I got Rival ranking. When BFA Season 1 went live I was rewarded the transmog/title etc... This was obviously a bug and got removed with an associated email explanation.

Once people started re-earning their rankings, it became apparent they would not be rewarded for it.

September 13, 2018
Player versus Player

Players that were affected by a bug that incorrectly granted Season 1 achievements on the first day of the season in American realms can now re-earn their Elite transmog unlocks by finishing an arena or battleground, if they have re-attained the appropriate PvP tier.

This hotfix went through in response - however it did not work.

I got my Rival back in game, but was not rewarded the elite transmog. This I could live with but it just snowballs from there.

SInce the game doesn't recognise I am Rival again I can not earn Rival gear (higher base ilvl) from further rated PvP.

Then I capped conquest and went to turn in my reward... Challenger item level also! Now I have to take the 355 reward and waste my weekly cap... or wait until reset, hope the bug is fixed, and maybe get the gear I have earned, still having wasted a week of conquest!

2 tickets later blizzard have straight up told me they can not do anything and their is no workaround or fix.

This is pathetic, utterly pathetic.

Please add to this thread if you are suffering the same so it gets the priority it deserves.
Probably because you are level 20 youre not supposed to play ranked yet. :)

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