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If you want to increase subscription times, offer incentives.

With so many changes in the game that disincentivize game play, you would do well to offer some incentives in order to balance the inherently negative changes you have made over the course of the last 4 years.

There are no rewards in the game for contributing your monetary resources over long periods of time. Thus, no mechanic to give people pause for canceling their subscription. Or, just letting it expire.

Veteran rewards would serve both the players and Developers self-interest. Devs want to pad their stats like time played and subscriptions when reporting to the home office. Players would like to know they are appreciated in the most literal sense.

For each year of subscription time give players a veteran reward or "perk".

1 year: Double exp for one hour usable once per day.

2 years: ???

3 years: ???

This will give players something to consider when walking away from the game.

"Should I cancel my sub? I am 2 months from me 10th veteran reward. And it's really nice. I know I'll come back to the game and I won't want to wait. Might as well."

All veteran rewards would be grandfathered in. This will not only increase current subscription numbers but also lure old players back to the game.
Hard pass from me on that. It's way too phone gamey.

For just the low low price of 999.99$ you will get 1600 of our currency and rank up to a level 3 of 13 platinum member who receives 5 extra free currency a month plus 1 of the things the game is virtually impossible to do well at without! Keep paying out and eventually you will be a valued 13 platinum member and will receive 10 extra free currency a month!!! Sure you will have spent as much as a small car to get it but isn't that great!

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