<Bon Weir> M+10 carries for gold

Bon Weir is going into it's 4th expansion of sales offering dungeon services, specifically mythic plus.
Since this is the start of the expansion, the only runs that will be ran are organized SOLELY through GM GregGage and Assistant GM Nikad.
Any run organized by anyone else is not authorized. This is to protect our reliability and name. This post will be updated as the expansion progresses.

We are a well established mythic raiding guild offering trusted dungeon carries. We sold hundreds of CM carries in MoP for that sweet class armor, and even more throughout all of Legion.

We will provide the key and guarantee the dungeon is completed. While we will offer keys in time or your gold back, we are not offering that luxury yet due to this still being early days. Within coming weeks, this service will be baseline and this post will be updated to reflect the change.

- As always, we position ourselves to be the best value and trusted guild team on Darkspear. Any competitor on Darkspear will undercut in price.
- Willing to price match competing guilds, and will offer a lower rate.
- The exact price is being finalized. This week is the first week we are offering our carry services. We have internally tested our carries and are extremely selective for which mythic raiders will be joining the group.
- We want to make sure we remain the no brainer choice for price and trust.

What will you receive?

- 385 Azerite gear or 380+ non Azerite gear from the weekly chest
- 370+ gear from the dungeon, traded loot will be given to you.
- Artifact power

Pricing for returning customers
- We make a significant amount of carries from returning customers, some we have retained since MoP. We will always offer discounts for returning customers in some capacity.

How do I contact Bon Weir in-game?
Whisper, Btag, and/or in game mail works.

Greggage, (Guild Master)
- Gage#1576

Nikad, (Assistant GM)
- Nikad#1119

Other sales:

Other difficulty M+: If you want a lower level M+ carry we can offer a lower price for a +8, for example. As we get further along this expansion, or as demand changes, we may choose to not offer this service temporarily or permanently.

AOTC- we are willing to sell this service as we often do. Whisper for more info.

Mounts- you bet that we will be selling mounts this expansion, as always. Previous examples being the Kor'kron Juggernaut, Hellfire Infernal, and Nightbane (when Karazhan dungeons were new). Nothing to sell as of this post.


- Bon Weir does NOT sell carries for cash, as this is against the blizzard terms of service. If any guild asks for cash, we highly recommend you avoid their service. To stay safe in this situation, simply buy WoW tokens. This will help you obtain the gold for a carry, if necessary.
We are selling AOTC as well for the next few weeks only. As always, gold only

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