[H] Salt (Barthilas) 4/8M 8/8H Recruiting

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Salt> is recruiting ranged players for mythic Uldir progression

Raiding Schedule:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday => 7:00pm-10:00pm ST (AEST).

Please keep in mind that exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to drop us a line. If you know some of our members and/or think you'd be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we'd always like to hear from you!

About <Salt>:

Formally <Simplicity> on Frostmourne Alliance. We're a bunch of close mates who have been raiding together for many years across different guilds, servers, and expansions. A tight knit crew who want to have good laugh and a bit of banter while still ensuring we're getting things done.

Necropho - MonkeyScum#1138
Rangas - notbaked#11547
Jynko - Hamunces#1943
Still looking
spots still open
looking for ranged players still
im a pretty thicc tank with 2/8M exp 375 ilvl would you consider me? tipsfedora#1318
ranged spots still open
spots currently open again for range players
Looking for ranged and rogues

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