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Hello, roleplayers and roleplay event promoters! Our Monthly RP Event threads often get lost in the shuffle of the other forum discussions. So, this thread is to make it easier to find the CURRENT month's events.

Please do not post your event to this thread; post to the monthly thread linked below.

RP Events happening in NOVEMBER 2018:
OFF-SITE Calendars for Roleplaying Events:

Events Around Azeroth Calendar

Wyrmrest Accord Roleplayers Network Calendar

rpfind Upcoming Events
Reserved, just in case.
*Goes to request sticky*

*Realizes I've been gone so long I forgot how to do so*


*Oh requesting a sticky is gone now I guess that's why my Horde guild's thread hasn't been stickied*

*Can't help at all.*

Morrow, you've been great at keeping up with these. I really hope that the CM's will sticky this, because it is important!
Just as an aside, you can 'report' a post and request a sticky. Hope that helps in the future!

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