demon hunters all have the same name

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my tittle is "the slayer" it fits with my name so well
I did notice a ton of illidan themed names back when they first came out. I think most of them have died out at this point.
No -idan suffix here!
10/03/2018 09:11 AMPosted by Chikko
I mean my alt is also part of the problem but I have seen so many names with "idan" "idin" "iden" at the end.

Share your demon hunter illidan name here!!

I knew I missed something - Lemontea-idan. Damn it.
Nope I stayed away from illa or dan use in this demon hunters name.
Well I never.
I like all your names. !!
not true
Fathan and Thelysea. Havoc and Vengeance.
I had Illidanielle saved and chose against it.

I made that toon just to check out DH, so it was a throwaway name, but I busted out laughing when I got to this quest hub and saw how painfully unoriginal it was.
10/03/2018 09:15 AMPosted by Falco

Rock me Amadeus!
Savana =)
Sorandar :D
Please tell me how my name ends in "idin"

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