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10/04/2018 03:44 PMPosted by Vorjak
I don't think I've ever used it after the initial quest.

Never even picked up the quest.

I'll take my vendor price gold and move on.
10/04/2018 03:44 PMPosted by Vorjak
I don't think I've ever used it after the initial quest.

I don't get the point, plus being an enchanter it's really a stupid way to get expulsium.

So I really don't get why this exists.

It's the only way for an Enchanter to get the 30 Expulsom for the only one recipe they have for followers.

Alchemist at least have a recipe for Expulsom that makes 5 at a time on a daily cooldown, Enchanters have nothing and get mats for B/S, L/W, Tailoring but no Enchanting mats other the the Expulsom they get every now and then.
the only thing i scarp now is Trinkets that give you 100% expulsom but for the Gear i sell to the Vender.
my ally 120 will never ever use it being a enchanter. my leveling horde has no f'en idea where the damn thing even is never lone most profession trainers. i thought the ally city was bad but the horde 1 is even worse :(
10/04/2018 03:37 PMPosted by Mirasol
I agree, having each profession deconstruct only their own items, has a lesser impact on the economy overall.

If you want gold, you're better off just selling the off-spec drops you get. The materials you get from the scrapper are not worth the vendor price. If they are BOE, then send them to an alt to scrap if you need materials. This change wouldn't affect the current economy in anyway.
Useless for me as an enchanter, don't use it beyond dumping enough for the achieve.
I just scrapped my pants!
I just scrapped my boots!
I pretty much stopped using it. I pretty much stopped my profession progression. I am too casual a player to run mythics or raids (at this time) to get hydro cores and the other thing.
10/05/2018 03:17 AMPosted by Laroystinkin
it's like an xpac of unintended consequences
...because it's worth quoting.

I don't have a negative disposition towards the x-pac, but I'm finding the hamster wheel less appealing than in the past. This x-pac is the soonest I've ever started leveling alts to become self-sufficient & avoid the AH mats game.
It seems to have very little value for someone trying to level Enchanting.
I quit all crafting but alchemy, so I don't use it.
This Exp has become a gold sink was saving for the 5M gold mount but i'm now under 500k and its getting low from the Repair's from IE Trash runs.
love it
i only love it when i get world quest for Trinket's but for the Rest of the stuff nope.

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