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Can you give us specifics about how this is supposed to work. I've opened the mythic+ chest 3 weeks in a row now, and haven't gotten a weapon or an Azerite armor piece.

How much does the blp stack each time we get hot garbage from the chest?

Bad luck sucks.
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I very disappointed when I opened my M+ cache and got an azerite piece ;(
I don’t even bother opening the cache. Saves me tears and time.
Plot twist. There is no bad luck protection. Blizzard made it up so you would keep paying for your account thinking its coming next week or the week after. I to am 0/3. My current +10 chest was also worse than what I already had. Go figure when it could have been in an upgrade in a dozen other slots.
Grouped with a mage who had two yes TWO ilvl385 azerite pieces (head and chest) from his m+ cache, and 370 shoulders from uldir i believe, meanwhile im rockin 340s. Ive come to learn the titanforging/warforging system is only fun when youre the only one playing the game, this applies to azerite pieces aswell. I understand rng and what comes with it, but i feel theres a glaring issue there. He was 372 ilvl and im chillin at 362 or something. I know ilvl isnt the end all be all but i still feel theres a better solution to this "azerite only from m+ cache" fiasco.
Don't be silly. If you want to know rates on things you should just check WoWHead. It would be silly to let players know the chances they have at getting what thery want, because if they did you wouldnt want to grind it because its probably stupidly low, or has some other stupid system that makes it take longer just so it can take longer. Like most of the expansion now that i think about it...

But no, it honestly wouldnt surprise me at this point if there is just no bad luck protection, or its bugged, or not even turned on.
bad luck protection is just a term they came up with to keep the metaphorical carrot in front of your face. it doesn't exist. the sooner you realize it, the sooner you can quit and find something else, in-game or out, that is fun.
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I put in a ticket this morning because I keep getting nothing but bracers out of my caches across all my characters. Forgive the typos because I was agitated when I submitted it. The TLDR is basically there is a bug that causes players to receive the same items over and over they are aware of, but they aren't doing anything about it and to post about it on the forums.

"I repeatedly get bracers from my mythic+ caches. This is not statistically possible. I got nothing but bracers from my warfront on my quest for the 370 ilvl gear on this character, my Paladin, and my demon hunter. I also got bracers as the reward for the first warfronts i completed and the weekly. This is not some hur dur random loot is random bs, and if it is please do tell me what the statistically possibility of this is. How the am I supposed to get azerite for an upgrade from this M+ progression since they dont drop in the dungeon and your cache just gives me bracers? I dont care so much about my alts but on this charecter Teakups, what the hell"

The response I got was as followed :

"Hey (redacted)! This is Game Master ----(but please call me ----). I sensed you were in need of assistance and got here as quickly as possible!

I’m sorry to hear that you are receiving only bracers. I understand that this makes progression for Mythic+ runs extremely hard and frustrating.

After reviewing the loot system, I found that there are confirmed bugs which would only cause you to receive bracers. Regrettably, when it comes to randomly generated loot, it is possible to only receive bracers. This is quite rare but unfortunately, we are not able to manipulate to loot system.

If you would like to see the loot system changed or have feedback on how to make it work better, I would recommend you post some feedback about this as a suggestion on the forums where it can gain better visibility from the developers. Whereas we aren't able to help you with this, it's always worth it to pass along your ideas to get feedback and potentially get enough attention to hopefully implement changes to the way it works! I'd give it a try, great conversation is the best way to see changes happen.

I hope this message has found you well (redacted), if you need anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Have an excellent one! \(^o^)/"
Geez, sorry you're only getting bracers. That's worse than me I have gotten different items. Just no Azerite armor or weapon.
Out of all the rings from mythics, I got the same damn ring as last week. There is no bad luck protection.
Pretty sure bad luck protection is working as intended. It's protecting my bad luck so I keep getting the same pair of pants or a ring.
Wait, so Teakups is only getting bracers because of a bug, theyre aware of this and they basically said "tough (expletive)"


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Sorry to hear it Tea, but if it makes you feel any better, im only getting belts from my mythic cache. 380 last week that was a replica of a 370 w/ socket i looted in an actual run, and this week i got the 390 im currenty wearing to replace the 390 i bonus rolled off mythic taloc

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