[H] <Ex Resurgam> Late Night+8gmt

Caelestrasz and Nagrand
<Ex Resurgam> is a raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand, currently progressing through Heroic - 1M/7H

We raid Wednesday and Monday nights 830pm +8gmt WA time (1130pm ADST) - 1100pm +8gmt WA time (2am ADST).

Run by experienced Heroic/Mythic raiders who are working family orientated players with a lets get this done during raid time mentality.

If you are a committed raider or group of raiders looking to clear Heroic content with a guild of like-minded players who believe in Real Life > WoW but enjoy the challenge of progressing through content with people willing to laugh, then perhaps this is the place for you.

We are looking for raiders 350+ilvl who have experience in heroic aotc content-

Classes required -
Melee Dps – Demon Hunters, Monk (tank OS), Rogues
(Will consider all classes)

Ranged DPS - Shaman, Warlock
(Will consider all classes)

We also run Mythic+ Dungeons so if you are interested in joining our guild for some late night dungeon action feel free to apply also.

PM me on Crucifer#1686 on Battlenet or on discord Keltash#9146, or Boomy#1142 and we can chat further.
Still looking for players to bolster our ranks, up to 4H, downed Heroic Vectis.
Still looking for players to bolster our ranks, now 5H and moving to Mythic Taloc/Heroic Zul.
Still looking for players to join us for Mythic Taloc and Heroic Mythrax
Got Mythic Taloc last night, going to smash out AotC shortly, come join us and get it too...
Just Heroic G'huun to go and then on our way to Mythic Mother.

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