[A] T/TH Raid LF sPriest, Ranged DPS

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Behold, my complete lack of brevity!
(seriously guys I have a problem)

When: Tues/Thurs at 6pm PST to 9.15pm, invites at 5.45pm.

What: Ranged DPS. We'd espeically love a good shadow priest, even better if willing to willing to flip to heals when there are healer absences. We need reliable, punctual players who can make the full schedule most weeks.

Where: We do both normal and heroic content, but AotC is our primary goal each tier. Normal is usually to help gear up faster and learn the fights. As a small raid with well under 20 members, we have no plans to move into mythic.

Who: This is a multi-guild raiding alliance group, which means you can stay in your current guild/server with your friends and still raid with us.

MOAR DETAILS (the detailed details)

About us
We're mostly a group of older casual-ish raiders that has known each other for most of WoW. We care about making progress through the tiers, even if it's at our own pace. We can be surly (in good spirit), but we're not abusive and no one gets yelled at over voice chat. We're a little weird (well, except me, I'm not weird) and occasionally snarky but I like us.

We're currently 8/8N and 3/8H in Uldir.

We have an in-game community group, use Twitch voice, and the MCA raiding alliance forums.

About you
We need folks who are punctual, reliable and who are familiar with their class/spec. We want folks who use consumables and gem their gear and do more than mash buttons. You're absolutely not expected to min/max but we want to see some effort put into prep and performance.

At the same time, we don't want players who take themselves or the raid so seriously that they forget we are there to have fun. We tease each other a lot (okay, mostly they tease me but it gets spread around), so don't be a jerk, a drama queen, thin-skinned or uptight. Be willing to volunteer for the annoying jobs sometime. Sometimes we make stupid mistakes; this is okay if you own up to it and fix it. We had a Canadian PuG who once wiped for three hours with a raid I was in, and then afterwards sincerely thanked us for the "great experience." We don't expect you to be that awesome (or that Canadian), but you should be able to tolerate wipes and mistakes because this isn't a hardcore raid and they will happen.

We do extend IDs periodically; be okay with that.

It's important to us that you mesh well with the group in terms of both raiding approach/mentality and personality. Also that you are not a flake because that is like the one thing that makes me stabby. Or would, if I was stabby. Which I'm totally not.

You also have to tolerate the raid leader's fondness for cute critters and elaborate lists. (and aforementioned parentheses)

Anyway, message me if you're interested. Or post here. We don't have a formal applications or trial process.

heeey they're buffing spriests even
Great group of people. Tziva is awesome. :)
10/23/2018 06:45 PMPosted by Freek
Great group of people. Tziva is awesome. :)

Freek! <3 I haven't seen you around in ages, man. Hope your raid is doing well!
They are doing pretty good without me to bring them down. Been working way too much to raid so far.

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