Preview of Shadow in 8.1?

If you try to login a Shadow Priest on the PTR, you get this client error: "Aura 250844 used in Client PlayerCondition 52540 is not known on the client". And, if you go to, you'll see that it's Voidform.

If you click PTR toggle, you'll see: "Spell #250844 (possibly named "Voidform") doesn't exist. It may have been removed from the game." That, along with "feature is not implemented" when you try to change to Shadow... Hype?!

So, do you think Voidform will be completely removed? Separated into a new skill? Turned into a cooldown? Perhaps even moved to a talent?

(credit: Theed on mmochampion)

not sure what it means but it's exciting to ponder a post-voidform world. Would address fluidity out of the gate and thats prob our biggest mechanical issue
I don't see them removing VF. It would be a huge rework mid exp but also you have tons of players who specifically are playing (and possibly boosted) a SP because of the insanity system. It is not really fair to change the entire resource mechanic mid expansion. Personally, I wouldn't mind if it was replaced with something unique - since VF is unique I don't want it replaced with a resource we see with all the other classes.
They won't voidform was causing an undesirable effect of crashing the game when players were changing into voidform. The patch was to "fix" that so to speak
Void form won't go anywhere. Not now, maybe next expansion. It's too late now to make any real spec changes. All shadow will get is probably like Ele, talent shuffle and small changes as well as some minor spell change and some % dmg boost. They might even remove the edge of insanity to force pvp players to use core mechanic of the spec instead of sitting at 100 insanity and never void form.

Yeah they failed to make it work, but now we have to ride it out til next expansion and see what happens. Since there is a void expansion coming, shadow priest might be revered to it's previous mechanics while void expansion will bring a whole new void class. Who knows, but for now, we will keep enduring and suffering of a void form or avoid it at all cost in pvp

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