Rate the RP mog above you 1-10.

Moon Guard
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10/10. Thats an amazing priestess look! You look like you are emanating with lots of magical power and have some sort of powerful soul within you. Its also cool how your eyes glow. Now if only you could have white hair it would be perfect.
10/23/2018 12:53 AMPosted by Merella
Wow. that transmog is actually just the definition of badass. Between the weapons and the armor, you give the impression of a brutal draenei fighter. 10/10, though if I were you I would use a spikier weapon just to match the shoulders/helmet theme you have going on.
the complex color mess does well for you, the staff could possibly use a blue glow to it 8/10!
Your set is very nice. Good combination of Set and slutmog. 8.5/10

My mog may take some explanation. Liodred here is a Moon Guard, and this robe chest piece is worn by every Moon Guard NPC in game. The rest of the set is personalized.
I think that's an excellent mog for a Mon Guard. 9/10

Maybe a Moon Guard-ier staff will help finish it off.
Well Nik, you look like a priest :D

Very nice Hunter mog. I like how the green parts of the armor look paired with the void elf skin tone.
I'd say about an 8/10. I love the mix of green colors you have there to make that armor. You look like some sort of holy paladin in one of those paladin mogs with a halo that has been tainted by the legion. The only thing I question is the shield, but thats possibly because I can't see it too well from the angle its at in your profile.
I'll say 9/10. Creative way to make an Illidari-esque gnome. Sexy and fierce. I like it! :D
Nice simple transom. Gold and blue works. 8/10.


Very trad, the older shamans sets really add something, especially to orc models. 8-9/10
No one is getting any pointy ends through that. I like it 9/10
10/10, It matches, looks like something someone might actually travel in and really sets off your characters face.
6/10, helmet could be better. you look like you torture people in the name of the light.
7/10 I love the facemask. That is all I have to say, don't @ me.
10/28/2018 10:35 AMPosted by Silymander
6/10, helmet could be better. you look like you torture people in the name of the light.

Rollgo, stunning mog bro. 10/10 I love that old timey shaman look.
He looks like a man who spends a lot of time in the wilderness and makes most of his own equipment himself... The boots feel slightly out of place in that regard, but I'm not totally sure what to suggest replacing them with. 8/10 - Honestly makes me think of the Monster Hunter games in a lot of ways... appropriate for a Hunter I suppose!


Revised this character's outfit again - as before, melee frost mage, not actual DK, shame there's such a lack of plate robes >.<;
I can dig it. A nice combination of armor that could fit. Although maybe slightly different main hand instead of the axe.

I too wish there were a type of spellblade class or spec. Maybe something like an enhance shaman but with slightly different mechanics and theme.
Title + mog + race = 10/10

As for mine, I didn’t want to go with skulls as a Tauren. Even though I’m a DK, still didn’t seem fitting.
Actually really nice for a DK without just throwing skulls and spikes in our faces, definitely works for a Tauren

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