Weapon enchant Enh PvP?

With most enhancements taking
-Ride the Lightning
-Forked Lightning
as 2 mandatory honor talents, and making your nature damage go off-charts, might it be better for enh shamans to take 'Torrent of Elements' weapon enchant instead? Or maybe still stick to 1 Quick Navigation & Masterful Navigation

Got a feeling it might scale better...? Or maybe for later expac.
Quick Navigation and Masterful Navigation are for PvE. I went Quick Navigation and Versitile Navigation.
also Forked Lightning is situational. You dont really want that in arenas, Static Cling is better there. For bgs, forked lightning will do good cleave to take.
I run Quick/Versatile, I don't think it matters much as long as you have two different enchants. I don't think torrent is worth it.

Unless you need grounding totem, I think the best PvP talents are Ride/Forked/Static as long as you aren't running with classes that have easily broken CC like hunter or mage.
I take forked lightning, static cling, and shamanism for arena unless im fighting a mage. Then I will switch shamanism for grounding.

Being able to bloodlust a dps teammate during a offensive push or while getting trained is a god send. Even if they cc you or your buddy, at least one person is benefitting from the haste. And if they want to dispel it that takes two globals and they may start falling behind at that point.
Gale force and quick

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