Deleting my shaman.

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10/02/2018 03:53 PMPosted by Aeroga
10/02/2018 03:50 PMPosted by Felryn
ur last on taloc tho as the highest ilvl healer

my guild swapped me to dps and my dps parse is purple

yes and the bm hunter that ranked a 61 out damaged you, who ranked an 82
Why delete? Just bench until next expac or a patch where they fix it (I haven't leveled my 110 shaman yet so I don't know if it needs buffs or not firsthand), rather than delete him and have to level again later on when shaman becomes FotM class again.
Hmm, OP, well, yeah you probably should delete your Shaman, that definitely is one way to go.

My Horde Shaman? I think he's 114 now, maybe? He's in my group 3 (that's the last group), so he'll be probably my 10th x 120 Horde-side.

This guy, the Mage? He was my 8th x 120, just happened yesterday.

Haven't even started my Alliance Shaman, so he's still 110. He's just chilling right now, with all the other Alliance guys at 110. Oh yeah, they will all be in Warmode, all the time. They'll probably die occasionally.

But, yep... good idea, you go ahead and delete your Shaman.
Aren’t they getting buffer in 8.1?
10/02/2018 03:56 PMPosted by Felryn
10/02/2018 03:53 PMPosted by Aeroga

my guild swapped me to dps and my dps parse is purple

yes and the bm hunter that ranked a 61 out damaged you, who ranked an 82

wow a bm hunter outranked a shaman big shocker there huh
My main is a enhance shaman, I've been around middle the last few raids with my guild now that people are getting more gear before I was in the top 4.

They still asked me to level another class to help better because shaman is broken. Hoping the buff helps for our raids this week as my old main isnt ready yet (DK) I haven't had a chance to play today yet so not sure how much the buff helped.
Well, as a resto shaman main, my numbers are not really over the top compared to my other healers unless on heavy stacked fights, but I really don't want to dps currently as my prot warrior ironically does more dps than my shaman.
Cry me a river.

Am I the only one who enjoys ele this expansion? This has been a thing since vanilla, it's not so much the design but players themselves.

There will always be someone on the lowest, only compared to earlier wow the gap isn't as big.
Every guild that is doing mythic needs a resto shaman. Just go resto and get carried by the other healers. All you gotta do is link when they need it.
Shaman are okay when they over gear the content but still get out dps by other specs 20ilvls below them. I still think enhancement is still too much RNG. Resto needs more oh crap buttons. Elemental is missing something. Its just not playing fluid.

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