375ILVL Disc Priest 2/8M

Guild Recruitment
1. Times available & time zone:
Any time between 8:00AM-9:30PM PST Works for me. All days of the week, Mon-Saturday any times work.

2. Server preference:
Server preference Illidan as that is where I am, but have no problem switching servers.

3. Faction preference:
Faction preference pretty heavily horde, but would switch for the right guild.

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:
Would prefer semi-hardcore to Hardcore, as long as it remains within my time restraints even during new content.

5. Current progression/experience:
Currently 2/8M and had 8% wipe on Zek'Voz

6. Recent logs (if available):
Mother parses are going to be scewed due to just playing disc for bubble/SLT and is next to no healing.

7. Contact info:
Feel free to reply to this post with any information or add me at Warglaive#1947

8. Anything else:
I am currently in a guild, but it's not really progressing as I would like, so ideally looking for a more serious guild that has a main spot for me.
Yo wuddup, I'm the Guild Master of <Infectious> over on Thrall.

Currently 8/8H and 2/8M, with Zek'Voz starting this coming week. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30est to 11:30est. We also usually have an optional 3rd day that's kind of an impromptu thing to clear normal (once we transition to only running mythic that will switch to impromptu heroic).

We have fun but consider ourselves semi-hardcore in raid and many of our members run high m+ keys every week.

RAMatSCG#1943 or check out our Discord https://discord.gg/e2cTFrQ
Hey you've probably seen us in trade already but we're <Single Dads> on Illidan here. We raid 9-12 EST T/W/TH. Currently 8/8H & 2/8M

If you have any questions hit me up at
Hey Pres,

If you're still looking for a home, I'd have you consider Fight on Stormrage (Alliance) we raid 8:30-11pm Tue/Wed. I know you posted a preference for Horde/Illidan, but if you are open to faction and transfer we'd kill for a strong Disc priest in our core.

Fight is a 22 year old guild, first starting up in Ultima Online Beta and being in WoW since day one.

Were currently 2/8M and we finished up legion 11/11M CE.

I don't want to spam you, so our guild recruitment thread can be found here. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765516605

We would love to speak with you.

You can hit me on on bnet (vilnius#1998) or discord (vilnius#5048)

Cheers and good luck in search of a new home!
Hey there. We have a full time healing slot available.

Guild Name: Grandpa Reflexes
Realm: Aerie Peak (PvE)
Contacts: Revolt and Sore
Battle-Tag: Revolt#1620 and Sore#1869
Current Progression: 3/8 Mythic Uldir

<Grandpa Reflexes> is a very experienced and successful raiding guild consisting of players who no longer wish to commit to standard raid schedules. Formerly hardcore raiders of Fierce, we are now returning to enjoy the game on a less demanding schedule. Although we plan to only raid 9 hours, we still plan to down mythic content in a reasonable time frame. We're looking for like minded, experienced players to round out the roster.

However, we will consider all exceptional players even if your class/role isn't listed above.

Notable Achievements (10 Man):
  • US 2nd/World 13th Heroic Will of the Emperor
  • US 2nd/World 18th Heroic Elegon
  • US 3rd/World 19th Heroic Four Kings
  • World 1st Heroic Stone Guard
  • World 2nd Heroic Feng the Accursed
  • US 5th Heroic Garajal the Spiritbinder
  • US 5th Heroic Madness of Deathwing
  • US 10th Heroic Spine of Deathwing
  • US 78th Mythic Blackhand (20 Man)

  • You can verify our history at fierceguild.enjin.com
    You can verify our most recent stint in Mythic Raiding during WoD here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/aerie-peak/Fierce/rating.tier17

    Raid Times
    Tuesday, Sunday, Monday 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST)

    This is our new raid schedule. We were previously raiding Sat/Sun from 12-4 PM EST (Got to 3/8M on the old schedule). However, this schedule was not working for some of our raiders so we've switched to a more standard raid schedule.

    If you're interested in our guild, please apply here:

    Add me at Burtis#11734. We can talk more in detail
    I appreciate all the responses, but am mostly just looking for guilds that are progressing on their fourth boss or further, thanks!
    We are not quite at the progression you stated above but wanted to share our info in case you're interested.

    See our info below. Feel free to chat me (Aimee#1121 bnet / Aimee#0573 Discord) if you have any questions.

    Simplicite (A) Korgath
    Mon-Tue-Wed 7:30-10:30est
    US 47th Vectis kill
    Currently 4/8M
    CE every tier in Legion, ended at US 106
    Adult guild, active community, lots of PvP and M+.

    I know you favor horde, but if you have any interest/questions, gimme a holler.


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