The easy hotfix for Azerite Armor

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10/02/2018 10:19 AMPosted by Cerdwin
This is why they don't listen to the forums.

What about having m+'s drop azerite gear if you can 2 chest the run?
10/03/2018 10:43 PMPosted by Tywín
What about having m+'s drop azerite gear if you can 2 chest the run?

The cons to that would be people feeling forced to lower their keystone to something they know they can +2, and people quitting groups if the timer goes past +2'ing.

More RNG. Just what we wanted...

Do you all read the forums? Now we get to cross our fingers and hope we get some Azerite gear in a daily WQ? This is the best you can come up with given all these other ideas from the community?

This is actually happening guys.


In a not so distant hotfix, blizzard is looking to make armor caches (emissary quest reward) drop azerite armor that scales up to 370 based on your current item level.
10/02/2018 10:26 AMPosted by Khalamete

They just remove it and give us normal loot again, with sockets and bonuses and armor enchantments.

I hope it does stuck with 340 shoulders on my priest atm. Who I made my main after giving up on my shaman
Or just remove the broken, terrible, problematic, ego-driven, mess of a system and replace it with either teir sets again or even just regular armor so we can go back to a gearing system that isn't a frustrating mess.

This game needs new management BADLY.
370 and wearing 340 “deserve it?”

The Blue Post re: Azerite directly opposed this. That’s why they’re making it Emissary rewards to begin with, !@#$ — because people are doing raids and gearing up, but not replacing their Azerite Gear as easily.

Simple logic should have won here.
I like their proposed changes to Azerite. They’re listening, and I’m excited to see the 8.1 traits and to have an additional ring of spec-specific traits.

And if you don’t know to what I’m referring, see Wowhead.

They’re actively trying to fix it. Stop your entitled !@#$%ing.
The odd thing is that players seem to want a carrot to chase, while also not wanting that.

There was a thread just the other day (might even have been yesterday) in which players were discussing how legendary items dropping from emissary chests provided a good reason to do them consistently.

BfA world quests don't really have that as of yet. Either the quest rewards something that you need, or not. Increasingly not, as time goes by.

The emissary quests becoming an additional source of azerite gear seems like a decent idea, for the simple reason that everyone can do them. It's consistent and accessible.

There may be other ways to improve the system, but giving players an additional way to obtain azerite gear at their progression level should help alleviate some current issues with the feature.

I don't fully understand the WoW team's apparent allergy to currency-based systems. Those have worked fine as a supplemental source of gear in the past.

But anyway, this should be an improvement.
385 gear for killing bears ... lolz
10/04/2018 05:30 AMPosted by Djava
385 gear for killing bears ... lolz

They're only planning to go as high as 370 now, and you used to get (what would be right now) 400 gear for killing bears (leggos) ... lolz to you too.

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