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Your Momma so fat she got stuck in the Dark Portal
I wait with giddy anticipation for the first good Yo Momma/Kul Tiran joke.

Also, how are those Epics treating you? Well, Fair
My gear McForging.
Why did the GM's wife stop raiding?

They took away her ML.
Favorite WoW joke?

MoP had great class design.
Sometimes when you fly away from Ironforge the flight master will say "keep your feet on the ground" ya ok, I'll do that while I'm FLYING!!!
I still remember my favorite GM joke.

"How many Blizz devs does it take to screw in a light-bulb?

None. It's working as intended."
a monk and a dh argue over which is the better class. the dh gets angry and tells the monk he has the best aoe this side of the horde.

the monk calmly responds that all things take time, for not long ago monks slayed the legion with the greatest aoe.

a rogue appears between them and says be quiet or we all get nerfed. let's ask someone without a dps spec who has the best aoe, no bias, no fighting.

all three of them look at the shaman trying to clean the floor in resto

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