Duo dh and priest lfg

Hey there a duo looking for a home recently changed over to alliance and are in search for the right fit in a guild. The priest is willing to play either priest or shaman, will learn shadow if needed but prefers to heal.

What we are looking for is a 3 day mythic guild that also runs keys when not raiding and all that. Raid days that are preferred are tuse, wens, and thurs, but it can be a mix of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Times can range any where from a starting time of 7pm cst, then ending at 11pm cst.

DH- 2/8m, 7/8H
priest/shaman- 7/8H

here are some logs dont have any recent sorry: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/71h8vykdVxgj6L2f that was when they recently switched to there priest for the guild but i dont have logs of there shaman sorry :(.


Priest- https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/stormrage/Ivaedra

shaman- https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/area-52/Lomeira

Are contact info is sparkytiz#1491, lunaspark#1158.
Hi Occisiospark,

I represent the <Ex Inferno> 18+ gaming community based out of WoW. Our primary focus is to expand our community of like-minded people who enjoy WoW and other games in various aspects.

We have just launched our Stormrage [A] division with BFA that has expanded from our currently thriving Area 52 [H] division. We are looking for more people interested in our 1-night-a-week Heroic/Mythic progression semi-hardcore raid team, scheduled for Thursday 8 PM to 12 AM ET/Server. The focus of the team is to go in prepared each week at full-speed.

Additionally, we plan to continue building out our community on the Alliance side that is highly active in non-raiding activities (especially M+).

At this time, we are really looking to expand out with DPS. Our healer core is pretty much established, but there could be an opening in the future. As a fellow Spriest, I can work with them to learn the spec and maximize output! One-night a week may not be exactly what you're looking for. If it is something you're willing to consider however, we'd love to chat with you!

If you are interested, feel free to join our discord server; link at the bottom of our website www.exinferno.com. Once you're in, tag @Hello in #general and say you're interested in the Alliance/Team Purple!

You can also find our standard marketing spam here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20767776778

Best of luck in your search! Hope to hear from you soon.

I will ask em and see what they think bout the one night
Should check out Efficient Nonsense. We are 1/8M and 5/8H right now and in the market for good dps and healers. We have 1 priest and would prefer the shaman, but either are good.

Very laid back group that raids tues/wed/thurs from 10-12 est. When not in Uldir we do a boat load of mythic + with everyone. Dank memes also populate our discord during the day if that helps.

Any questions shoot me a message, Reluctor#1255, if I can't help you i'll put you in touch with the people that can.
Ok for sure I'll add ya thanks for the Interest :D
Hope everyone is having a good weekend
Hi Occisiospark! Do you like getting heavy if so you have found the right guild.

<We Get Heavy> Is a newer guild looking for healers and ranged for our normal/heroic progression group 6/8N. We raid Monday & Wednesday, 8PM-11PM with Sunday being an off day, Come and get heavy with us!. Still looking for a core group! Pst for more info!

My battletag is AootyPooty#1481
<Marginally Sufficient> is looking to complete our weekend progression team. We have a very active guild and Discord, with many members that love to run Mythic + dungeons.

This is an adult only guild only 18+ members. We play this game to raid and have a good time doing it. Our raids are elitism free, while still making steady progress. We will clear Heroic and move into Mythic when the time comes.

Our current progress is 8/8N 5/8H Uldir.

Current Recruiting Needs:

- Paladin
- All that can perform

Raid Times
- Friday and Saturday evening, 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST
- You must be able to attend at least 86.3% of all raids.
- We use Discord for all communications.
- We require a minimal ilvl of 350, and level 21 HOA to attend raids.

If you are interested, please message me in game or add my add Battle Tag: Trepetow#1543
Guild: Fabled Helm - Stormrage [US]

Faction: Alliance

Raid Days/Times: Friday & Saturday 8:30 – 11:30pm(Server Time)

Cleared: 1st Raid 5/8 Heroic
2nd Raid 3/8 Heroic

Guild Master: Bigjax, Saph

Needs: We're always looking for exceptional players of any class. Currently looking for Healers and Dps for our 2nd Raid Team. Note that our 2nd raid team is in a building phase. Communication is important to us so we do require all applicants to be able to voice on our discord server.

Community: Fabled Helm is just one of many Teams that is apart of something bigger. We are “Helm Gaming” and as a community we’ve been growing these last few months and started branching out to other games.
As the guild itself we offer stability and people with the same mindset as yourself. Outside of raiding there are always members playing other games during downtime. We have a couple of people playing LoL, Heroes of the storm, Siege and other games. Needless to say you will always find people to join your games at Helm Gaming. Come and join our family. “Take the Helm”
Whats up dude im know im late to the party i just made the guild 2 days ago after droping from a broken guild home myself IM looking for peeps to build up the ranks and raid and kill stuff my days are tues -Thurs 7-10 pm server with M keys when ever people want to do them you friend can play what ever toon he or she wants im not picky if you want message me in game and shoot the sh # t or toss me a b tag ill be happy to talk oh I almost forgot im the GM of Jugz and Thugz thanks for reading this and hope you have good one
If you're still looking:

Raid times: 9 pm - 12 mn PST


I"m also looking to get M+ Keymaster Achievements (all +15. There's a separate achieve for all +10s which shouldnt be hard to get) before end of season if you enjoy pushing keys. I'm healing and run with 1300 and 1200 DH and DK. I'm only 1200 at the moment and not pushing keys much until the guild gets a bigger roster.

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