How to Level Quickly! (1-110)

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Here's the general rundown:

1. Equip yourself with as many heirlooms as you have available that give XP, other heirlooms are optional, but if you have them? Use them but ignore temporary buffs unless you're 100% sure you won't lose them.

2. Ignore Warmode, more on this below.

3. Play as a DPS spec, not as a tank.

4. Queue for specific dungeons, not random ones. I'll explain why below.

5. Level in optimal zones. Optimal zones are zones where there are a LOT of quests in a small area with minimal running around. Idealy you want to spend more time killing enemies and completing quests than running to quest areas.

First the big elephant in the room. Why ignore warmode?! That's an extra 10% XP!!

The reason you want to ignore warmode is because yes, you will get an extra 10% XP however the speed at which you level will be determined by players of the opposite faction. If they're feeling benevolent and leave you in peace, or you're in a roleplaying server, you may be able to level extremely quickly with warmode on. However if you run into a lot of players who subscribe to the 'if it's red, it's dead' way of thinking, then you're going to constantly stall as you try to level as you get ganked over and over. My recommendation is to keep it off! Save warmode for max level content.

Now for a more detailed explanation, here is why you want to play as a DPS spec and queue for specific dungeons rather than randoms. The two are actually linked fairly well. Firstly you want to play as a DPS spec for the queue time, yes that sounds weird on the face of it. Why would you want a 15-30 minute queue instead of instant as a tank? Well the reason why you want the queue is because you're able to quest in the open world while you're in said queue for maximum XP gains. As a tank, your queue is essentially instant, giving you very little time to quest and once you've completed the dungeons, there's little else to break up the questing until you've unlocked more dungeons, so you want that longer queue time.

Why specific dungeons though? Because you're not doing dungeons for the bonus XP or the loot, you're doing them for the quests, which you can only do once. The quests not only offer nice loot for non-heirloom slots that you may have open, but they also give large chunks of XP which makes it well worth the effort to do them. As long as you're queuing for specific dungeons you can easily check off the dungeons you've done to avoid wasting time.

This is actually extremely useful once you get past level 60 because from that point on the random queues are split, you can queue for an outland dungeon, or a lich king dungeon, and when you get to level 80, you can queue for a cataclysm dungeon or a pandaria dungeon, you cannot queue for both at the same time. One queue only. If you choose specific dungeons you can queue for ALL the dungeons that are available from both expansion areas, thus increasing the options you've got available.

Now what about leveling zones? Which ones are optimal?

Well if you're playing Horde, your optimal zones are:

Durotar/Mulgore > Tirisfal Glades (this will get you beyond level 20) > Silverpine > Hillsbrad > Western Plaguelands > Eastern Plaguelands > Northern Stranglethorn > Cape of Stranglethorn > Borean Tundra/Howling Fjord > Dragonblight > Mt Hyjal > Deepholm > Jade Forest > Valley of the Four Winds.

If you're playing a Pandaren swap out Durotar/Mulgore for the Wandering Isle, if you're playing an Allied Race start in Silverpine, and if you're playing a Death Knight you can skip all the way to Northern Stranglethorn.

If on the other hand you're playing Alliance your optimal zones are:

Elwynn Forest/Dun Morogh (level 20) > Westfall > Redridge > Northern Stranglethorn > Cape of Stranglethorn > Western Plaguelands > Eastern Plaguelands > Badlands > Darkshore > Felwood > Borean Tundra/Howling Fjord > Dragonblight > Mt Hyjal > Deepholm > Jade Forest > Valley of the Four Winds.

If you're playing a Pandaren swap out Elwynn/Dun Morogh for the Wandering Isle, if you're playing an Allied Race start in Westfall, and if you're playing a Death Knight you can skip all the way to Darkshore.

At this point you're level 90 and ready to go into Warlords of Draenor content. Complete the intro zone to open up the regions proper and establish your garrison.

If you have Draenor flying: Skip questing (in general) and instead loot treasures, kill rares and completing bonus quests in each of the zones. You can also queue for random dungeons if you want a bit of a XP boost.

If you do not have Draenor flying: Quest as normal, ignore dungeon queues (or do random queues for bonus XP as there are no quests in Warlords of Draenor dungeons), loot treasures where you find them, kill rares and do bonus missions. Idealy you should be level 100 by the time you've finished Gorgrond or Talador.

Once you hit level 100, it's time for Legion. For this you want to do invasions whenever they pop up, you want to do dungeons once you've unlocked the quest for each of them by questing through zones. You can safely ignore treasure chests for now, because they still don't grant XP, but hunt down rares as they're worth a lot more XP than standard enemies and every little bit helps.
Thanks for the post. As I don’t agree with everything I do agree with a lot of your points. It’s nice to have positive things on the forums every once in awhile.
I like the work you put into this, thanks!
Good post. I’m doing many of the things here and they indeed work. I’ve reached lvl 66 on my warrior in less than 10 hours played.
o i tought this was for 100+. my bad.. rename it
My 40 nightborn is stranglethorn area. I will concur its less travel time so far. the hunting camp had like 3 quests basically outside the camp perimeter lol.

Good area for herbalists too, been picking flowers decent there for that xp. Other areas hit up to 40 ahs been less flowers to pick anyway.

Also of help, maybe....

Unless a strong urge to get as smooth as possible. If quests get too hard (for your taste) hit the quest board, start something newer and hopefully easier.

My nightborn hit the same quest string I hated on a blood elf I boosted in time. Did not like it any better the second time. I found new quest strings to pursue lol.

Those "need 3 people" quests...try them for a challenge if your thing solo if actually solo. Do not put lots of time to get it though if issues. Unless you have to.

even then, check places like wowhead. It is possible the breadcrumb for the next part you can get to and life goes on not needing that quest.

there is a blood elf quest like this. I could not kill the guy and it was a 3 person quest. So....I went to the quest after where wowhead said it be after and voila, talked to sylvanas who was there anyway to move on. I just skipped the quest I would have gotten that would send me there.

Want faster levels, lose some gamer pride and say yeah, lets not do this right now.
Thanks for the tips.
get enchant for cape with +movement speed
get enchant for boots with 8% movement speed
i think they still stack?

dont forget the quest chain in western plaguelands at andorhal, once you are
35 or so. it goes on for a long time.
Thanks for condensing this info. I'm currently working on leveling an Alliance main, and really don't feel like giving Blizzard $60 because I want to hurry.
This is good guide, thanks!
I've always played dungeons conservatively while leveling, even on my healers and tank. It was near instant queue on my healers and tank, so I just queued when I turn in quests. Sometimes specific dungeons have pretty bad queues otherwise.
This is great Carhagen. Ty!
Tried questing from 1-110 on a few toons in BfA and gave up when the zones got messy and slow. I ended up just grinding in heirlooms for a few dozen levels, pet battling till 90, doing treasure looting/rares/bonus quests until invasions are available, then do invasions/rares/bonus quests.
So what bfa weapon enchant is recommended for heirloom weapon to level 1-100

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