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Hydraxis and Terenas
Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

We are a fun, active and diverse guild founded by friends who mostly know each other thru the game. Though we formed in Legion, some of us have played the game since launch, while others came on in later expansions. We have a raid team, which include several players that regularly run and push Mythic Plus dungeons. We also have several highly rated PvP players as well. We like to keep things loose, especially on farm content, and we like to focus up and keep discord clear during progression content.

We are looking for players that embrace the social aspect of this game, while also wanting to progress and push content. We want people that are active and have a microphone, have discord and that generally enjoy hanging out outside of raids, and have fun. While we do enjoy goofing on each other, we also want people that understand what respect means, and how to give and earn it. You need to be the kind of player that understands the guild's success is your success.

We want the best that your class has to offer. Are you always looking for ways to improve yourself? Do you look forward to progression and understand that wipes are part of that? Do you like everything WoW has to offer? If so, you are exactly who we are looking for!
Our goal in our guild is to build a strong community that we can say we are one the best guilds here. We want that along with maintaining a fun community, that people enjoy logging in to the game and being with friends.

We are targeting players who are looking to excel in a team progression format and want to become part of our community. We are also willing to speak to groups of players and or people who are tired of their current guilds and to join a positive, stable and enjoyable experience.

We are always open to exceptional applicants of all classes but right now we are seeking the following classes:
    Tanks:Offspec DPS/Heals/Closed

    Healers:Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Monk

  • Melee: Death Knight, Rogue, Demon Hunter
  • Ranged: Priest, Mage, Hunter


Tuesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Mountain (Realm Time)
Friday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Mountain (Realm Time)



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