<One More Pull> 7/8H Th/Sat 7-10pm

Area 52
We are seeking raiders to start mythic progression. We are 7/8 heroic. We raid Thursdays and Saturdays 7-10pm server time.

Running extra raid tomorrow Friday (10/5) for extra ghuun progression.

Also seeking players interested in pushing keys on a weekly basis.
Are you in need of a tank?

If so message me on discord @ Bitterguy#4119
Bump. Looking to start mythic progression sometime the week after next. Most of us are 1/8 mythic.
Current needs are H pally and all DPS for our core raiding group. LF members to be active, join M+ groups, and be active in guild discord. If you have any questions add me.

Bnet Meeky#11564
bump 7/8 now! Come join us.
doing ghuun tonight @ 11 .. whisper me bigwade#1932
ghuun to 9% last night. Come get AOTC with us.

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