Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia

I took up leadership roles in this guild back in MoP. We've always raided 2 nights a week, 7:15-11pm Tues Weds, but try to down the most difficult content.
I personally enjoy every aspect of Wow, so I've tried to lead a guild that reflects that. I generally try to recruit any players that are passionate about, and play at a high level in any aspect of the game, PvP or PvE, hell if you collect pets or mounts obsessively I'd/we'd still love to have your company.

It's been blatantly apparent that I haven't been recruiting players for our raid out-of-game as frequently as required on our server. So I'm here to change my ways.

Here's our raid team's goal:
We'd like to clear all raid content every tier on a 2 night a week, 3 hours and 45 minute a night schedule. We're not here to race for first clear, but we do like to be as competitive as possible with our Warcraft Log rankings to make up for it. I've been consistent for years and I don't call raids unless its a holiday. I'm looking for players that are similarly skilled enough, and put in the work outside of raid to be successful on this type of schedule. This generally means doing mythic+ or PvP, keeping your neck up, and making sure you clear any pug-able farm content we might have skipped during the week.
We have a COMPLETELY optional Thursday night for Raider's main characters to clear farm content (usually heroic) together if they so choose.

I try to run around a 25 man core roster for Mythic, that way we can cover any class bases we need, and people can sit out when they need to without hurting our raid's progress. We have a BS-free as possible lootcouncil system that's been long established and proven effective typed out in detail on our website. This expansion we use it if a player doesn't want a piece that dropped for them. We maintain a google doc where we post, in advance, what players will be on for each given boss during a raid night, and who is first to step in if a player of a specific role is missing or needs to leave raid for any reason. I make sure players get the bosses they need, and core raiders get as equal playtime as reasonable with boss fight comp requirements over the course of a tier. We also use RClootcouncil and Exorsus Raid Tools to help manage the raid in a timely fashion.

I'm determined and consistent, have 700ish days played on this warrior since late Vanilla, and I won't ever let our kickass community die off on you. (Despite our poor efforts at recruiting on various mediums ouside the game in the past) I'm strive not to be rude, but will sit you and call out mistakes in a productive, non morale-destroying way if warranted. I expect any players in the raid to also be polite and keep the atmosphere productive, but also expect people not to take it personally if someone calls them out for a mistake and just fix it.

We have plenty of skilled players in the guild and lots of close players in our extended community, usually 12-30+ish online, but right now the number of players we have for Mythic has been dwindling, mainly due to players quitting WoW as a whole. Our healing and tanking squad is fully capable of handling anything the game can thrown our way, but I worry about not having enough DPS in the future if we lose too many more people, and I'd prefer to keep our DPS spots competitive. We especially need ranged DPS players at the moment, ones that like to parse well and get the job done in a timely fashion. Preferably, free thinking ones that aren't afraid to be vocal.

I sincerely hope you find our guild to your liking, and appreciate any time you've spent reading my wall of a post.

Applicants can apply here:

Apologies if our website isn't as pretty as it once was before the introduction of Discord.
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