any ideas on final allied races?

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Alliance: Anything with a NE skeleton.
Horde: Anything with unmoggable feet.
Supposedly every race on both factions will bring in an allied race.


Humans - kultiran
Dwarf - dark iron
Night elf - nothing yet
Gnome - mecha gnome? Otherwise nothing
Worgen - nothing
Draenei - light forged
Panda - nothing

Void elves are an outlier here.


Orcs - maghar
Trolls - zandalari
Forsaken - sanlayan? Otherwise nothing yet
Tauren - high mountain
Belf - nightborne
Goblin - nothing yet
Panda - nothing yet

No outliers with this one.

So any additional races we can assume will be connected with one of the races of the alliance/horde.

Best example I can think of is Pandaren bringing in the jinyu/hozen. Both races are connected to pandaren, and to each faction respectively. Neither race has a female model, so no discrepancy there. Both have numbers and skill to add to the horde and alliances power (as goofy as they are the Hozen are still strong warriors and monks, and they have decent numbers.)

As for vulpera. I really dont think they fit the requirements to be an allied race. The allied races are all: connected to one of the races currently in their respective faction and provide some sort of military asset (soldiers, fleets, technology, etc...). The vulpera meet none of those requirements.
That being said, I can see them being added as a full race in a future expansion rather than as an allied race.
tortollen and tuskar have the same models i believe
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Doesn’t make any sense for the Alliance to get a Horde model, and giving the Horde a Bloof Elf with fangs at the same time.

They’ve been pretty consistent with their implementations so far, if Alliance are getting Lightbound Undead, Horde will be getting some reskinned Alliance race (Eredar, I hope).

Horde won't get Eredar.
Nobody will.

I know, it’s a pipe dream, like Alliance getting High Elves

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