<The Final Frontier>[H] 7/8 H Uldir LFM!

Wyrmrest Accord

<The Final Frontier> is looking for more members for our Horde-side mythic raid team! We are an active, LGBTQ+, friendly multi-game community that dedicates itself to providing a fun, enjoyable, and friendly home for all gamers!

As a group, we are full of wonderful, generally mature, and relaxed people, with many of us forming lasting friendships through the games we play together that continue on into games outside of WoW!

If you are looking for a place to log into and find a group, or just a place where you can chat with people in guild, look no further! We offer a competitive raid team, a cross-realm community to aid in forming mythic dungeons, and help if you are new to raiding or would like to improve your raiding skill.

Interested? Have questions?
Please message us directly at Rikka#1590 or Bloodrose#12670, or /who The Final Frontier and ask a member to point you in the direction of an officer.

Raid nights: Tues and Thurs 8:30-11:30 EST.
Low levels/non-raiders always welcome! PST for info! \o/

Happy Gaming! \o/
Next week's gonna be a fun one, gonna shoot for a Zek'voz kill for 5/8 and do a final poke at normal before we fully focus on heroic mode and push for an H G'huun kill

Mythic raiding plans to follow!
Awesome guild, I highly recommend for both raiders and casuals!
Bumping this up. It's a fun guild <3
Hey wonderful Wyrmrest People!

Quick update:
We are now working on casual pvp and RP branches of our guild!
Our goal is to have a RBG team in the not-so-distant future, as well as a guild story line and regular events for both branches!

And don't forget...what other guild offers KARAOKE NIGHT!
Is that you Song? Wheres your Resonators?

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