[H]Murloc Palooza 8/8H 2/8M T/TH @ 7:30-10:30


Thank you for taking the time to look into "Murloc Palooza" we are a Horde guild, and are currently recruiting for all aspects of the game. However, our main focus will revolve around Mythic Raiding. If you are interested in a fun, social group of people that encourage a drama free gaming environment, I encourage you to continue reading.
*Raid Times: Tues and Thurs from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM PST*

What is the Raid Environment in Murloc Palooza like?
Mythic progression raiding can be hard in terms of stress it puts on the group from pulling the same boss over and over again with sometimes very little progression. This is why we do our best to keep a very calm and good spirited raiding environment. We all play this game to have fun, and so we do our best to make raid nights as fun as possible. However, just because we try to keep things relaxed, we still need to be realistic about progression. In saying that we have found that it is important to fill our roster with Team Oriented individuals who are willing to work together to better the guild, and not just themselves while progressing through these bosses. Our current progression is 8/8N, 8/8H, and 2/8M, Zek Voz is very close to fall. We are not disappointed in our progress at all seeing that we are still a very new guild and feel as though we are just starting to catch our stride.

What is Murloc Palooza recruiting at the moment?
Classes/Specs needed
Mage: Frost, Arcane, Fire
Warlock: Affliction
Priest: Disc/Holy
If you do not see your class, please do not let that worry you. I encourage you to still reach out and speak with an officer about availability. A Mythic roster needs to go beyond a standard 20 players. We need people that are team oriented willing to shift around on bosses to help progress when their class shines, and to sit the bench when it does not.

What does being prepared for raid mean in Murloc Palooza?
In this guild we want our members to have to worry about as little as possible when it comes to raid night. That being said all Flasks, Prepots, Gems, Enchants, and more is provided to you on a weekly basis. However, because all of this is taken care of for you, you are expected to show up with knowledge of the fight we are progressing on, and how your class can perform its best on that fight. Like I said previously, we like to keep the raids fun, but we need to stay serious about making realistic progression through the bosses.

What else does Murloc Palooza do besides raiding?
Our guild outside of raiding has a very strong Mythic+ interest. You can find multiple groups going on throughout the day. Daily groups are formed to sell +10 keys to help make players and the guild money to provide for raid materials. PVP is something that you will also see us dipping our feet in. RBGs and Arena are both common, and some players have achieved 2k+ experience in current and past seasons. Soon we will start selling a weekly Heroic Uldir Clear to help pay for guild materials. We encourage a strong community, somewhere you don’t have to go look for pugs, but instead can be confident in asking the guild to help and know that you will get a response.

How do I apply?
If interested, please follow the link to our application site and an officer will be in touch with you as soon as possible. If any other questions please contact me through my battle tag.
Abusedgoat#11504 - CO Leader
Toebite#1899 - CO Leader

Thank you for your consideration
ilvl 375 Ret Paladin LF Guild/Mythic Uldir Raiding Team & Heroic. Contact me in game if a DPS position if available.

BTAG: Warmachine#1618
*BUMP* Feel free to add me Toebite#1899 if your still interested!

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