On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate BfA?

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    Dungeons are nothing more than clearing annoying trash, i.e Motherlode, and makes me want to quit and never play WoW again because I don't think Blizzard understand what "fun" is anymore. Clearing hundreds of annoying trash mob packs, is this fun?

    The raid is okay.

    Rep grinds are terrible. World quests are overused and make me vomit blood.

    Respecing azerite gear costs too much. Yes, I totally want to spend over 30k to change one circle. Thanks, Blizzard.

    Azerite gear in general is a terrible system. It's worse than the leggo system from Legion.

    Warfronts are disappointing. Mine this, chop that, kill this, wait for this. If this is what warfronts will be like in BFA, count me out. I'm not going to mine, chop trees, and wait for an enemy gate to fall.

    Islands are disappointing. Go here, kill this, go here, kill this, go here, kill this, go here, kill this. Oh, look, the enemy faction. Kill them then go here.

    Questing becomes dull and boring after leveling through it once, but is good for the first time.

    Class ""changes"" are terrible. Arms warrior no longer colossus smash spams which was the funnest thing about arms warrior, now? Now it's a bleed class.

    Art: 8/10.

    Story: 5/10.

    Gameplay: 2/10.
3/10..Art etc is amazing..gameplay sucks.
Art 3/10
Story 1/10
Gameplay 0/10

Overall 1.33/10

I almost gave art a 4, but there are just too many cut corners, reused skins, poorly designed new skins. poor quality animations. Horrendously ugly gear skins, I could actually go on and on. I'm sure it had a lot to do with internal issues, desperate & poorly planned due dates etc... still no excuse... its just horrible. The only reason I scored it a 3 is because the ambiance is lovely in certain areas, finally a couple zones that compliment my pirate xmog. O.o

The story is terrible, all it did was further divide and create hatred and more toxicity. Seems to be a subtle social engineering project, with soo much blatant feminism, and "gender neutrality" [Greetings sir, and or ma'am] wtf is this? what happened to greetings hero/champion? why so political? I'm clearly a female; don't you dare call me sir and especially ma'am. Ma'am which is short for madam.
a former prostitute who now runs her own escort service by hiring hookers and pimps.
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used as a title for women in artistic or exotic occupations, such as musicians or fortune-tellers.

The once respectable Sylvanas is now a hell bent rage machine, while the not so manly manduin is still hiding in his keep with warmode=off like a docile submissive.

Gameplay is a solid zero. I had some fun leveling and exploring, but it was only from anticipation and hope of great gameplay at end game - which ended approximately 1 day later. RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG--RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-upon-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-RNG-and even more RNG within RNG, Using an algorithm of "the more you play the less you get"
Honestly, orcs and humans is way better than warfronts.
Expeditions are just a mindless grind fest with little to no reward.
World quests, just another never ending time gated rep/ap grind with little to no reward.
Warmode clearly failed right off the bat.
Uldir, while I cant figure out what it is yet, it feels sooo bland and boring compared to raids in the past, oh and the gear is total crap, soo much mastery that I don't need or want...
oh yeah and scaling is disgusting, a major disrespectful F-U and a slap in the face to people who put in time, effort and years of subscription costs to be top tier. We used to slay titans, capable of destroying worlds. now we kill seagulls and crabs to save turtles....smh
5/7 good game
Somewhere between a four and a six. Legion artifact system > azerite traits by far IMHO. Still early, but I really dont know you can salvage one of the fundamental elements of this expansion that is just so terrible.
I'll give it a 4. No progression.

Pre-ordered, boosted with coin, and beat the story/maxed level in a week.

The dungeons are boring, very little loot drops in Ulmir, and you just grind for rep/mounts/pets.

Warfront is just a hand-out.

No legendaries.
No artifacts.
No Green.
More asthetically pleasing on the eyes.
Less boring story.
Way more content.
No more lucrative follower missions. (pressure to level tons of alts)

Really that's all there is to it. Sorry but I can't sit here and pretend to have rose tinted goggles. Legion was awful in every sense of the word. This expansion blows it out of the water.

09/26/2018 09:40 PMPosted by Larog
Dungeons are nothing more than clearing annoying trash

You just described what a dungeon is.

i rate it 2 months old.
7, would be 9 if it was not for ilvl scaling, i should feel stronger as i level and get better gear not weaker. And war mode not working as advertised, if it says i can "opt out of world pvp entirely" but i still get flagged for pvp its not working right.

Edit: I enjoy every other part of the game i participate in.
Before level 120 it was good. 8/10
After 120 the end game is horrible. 1/10
09/26/2018 06:02 PMPosted by Shadøw
I gave it a 5.

I rate MoP an 8, Legion a 3, Cata a 4 and BfA a 6.
of all the expansions i’ve played it is the most recent

Good enough to play and enjoy myself. Realistically there are problems that you cannot deny.

-Azerite system is a little broken. Being unable to farm the trait you -want- and having to just accept fate or deal with using a 340 piece with said trait is a dumb system full of dumb

-Warfronts are seriously boring to me. No really, they are.

-Expeditions are seriously boring to me. I mean, boring isn't even the word.

Those are my top three complaints, in order. Two of them are optional and you can just not do said content. Azerite system is borked though.
Hard to say; we've barely started.

Ask me again after the final tier.
2. A necklace, and azurite armor is just meh. Legion was a 9. Artifact power grind was not a fan of, but would much rather grind ap for a cool weapon than some boring necklace, and the azurite gear with it. BFA is a getting alts to 120, and then unsub until the catch up mechanics are implemented. The necklace on one of my toons got to 19, then just stopped doing anything related to boring azurite.

Art is good..

game is crap
2, I had some fun with the allied races from it but I'm having more fun leveling those races outside of BfA content then actually doing BfA content...
If the Azerite system was as good as other aspects of the game, it's an easy 8. But Azerite gear is just soul-crushing. Azerite gear, traits, and their acquisition systems (loot, HoA levels) severely hurt my enjoyment of the game.

I'm giving BFA 5/10. For reference, I'd give MOP a 6.5 given the same ~6 week window.
A generous 3!

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